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Advantages of Native Advertising for SMEs

Advantages of Native Advertising for SMEs

If you have in mind to venture into a new venture, or if you already have your own business and are within the range of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, then you need to familiarize yourself with everything that has to do with Native Advertising.

Surely you will also aspire to have a solid digital presence, for them you have to get the support of a digital marketing agency in India, along with that to attract your online consumers you must give them much more of what they are looking for: content. And that's exactly where this important concept comes into play, which is basically what we used to know as an advertorial or infomercial in print publications.

Only now instead of "interrupting" the user with banners, Native Advertising seeks to connect with him to enrich his digital experience through truly relevant content.

What is native advertising?

It is a term used to name paid content that matches the editorial patterns of a media outlet, and that meets the public's perspectives.

In other words, it is one that is presented in the form of content aligned with the editorial style and tone of your website. Like a chameleon that changes color, she adapts to the context of the environment. For what? For the sake of giving your audience the kind of information they expect from the post.

It has become so popular in recent times that from the smallest business to the largest companies like Pepsi, they have become aware of it and have implemented it through sponsoredcontent.

You have to bet on her because ...

• According to different market studies, more than 70% of web users prefer to know about a product through the content and not through advertising banners.

• Large and recognized brands use native advertising over other forms of traditional advertising, motivated to seek to provide a more relevant message and to increase consumer participation.

• People who click on native ads tend to show greater brand loyalty later.

Most common formats of Native Advertising

Ad integrated into editorial content

This format can have several variants. On the one hand you have the content created between the advertiser and the editorial team of the medium, which is integrated with the rest of the content and internally links to another page within the site like any editorial article.

While you can also have sponsored links, integrated into the editorial content and that lead to other pages; such as the brand page. In the same way, there are the ads integrated into the content, which allows the person to interact with it without leaving the page.

Ads in search

They are made up of the results highlighted in the searches, placed above or around the natural results. For example, those that appear in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Recommendation widgets

They do not have the appearance of editorial content at all, but are displayed as off-site links that use expressions such as “you may also be interested”.

Promotional lists

They are usually used in those sites that do not have editorial spaces, but products or services; making links to the external website of your brand.

Standard Ads

They are similar to display ads. They are positioned outside the editorial area and have relevant content that links to the brand's external page.

Custom native advertising

As its name indicates, these are specific formats whose measurements are established by the advertiser; so, it can take on many different creative forms.

Content Marketing Vs Native Advertising

When talking about digital marketing, it is inevitable to enter the debate about what is more convenient for an expanding brand, if it is content marketing or if it is native advertising. Therefore, below we present a series of aspects for and against both:

• Some question the lack of transparency in native advertising, because they see it as articles that are intended to promote a product. However, this strategy has shown that they also focus on content, balancing information and advertising.

• Content marketing obtains results, highlighting the work of SEO, which impact the positioning in important search engines such as Google. Unfortunately for this, native advertising is somewhat limited; however, the reach it has through its different formats makes it a great ally.

• While it is true that native advertising is more expensive, it is also true that it achieves results in a short period of time. The opposite occurs with content marketing, although it is "organic" it may take time to generate results

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