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Top 10 Video Creation Software to Use in 2021

Top 10 Video Creation Software to Use in 2021

Video marketing has taken a huge twist in recent years, especially after the pandemic the tables have turned completely and the demand for videos by the customers has increased. Today, around 81% of businesses use video marketing to enhance their revenues by generating the right amount of attention and engagement on their websites and social pages.

The USA alone spent billions of dollars on video creation and video marketing strategies just so the attention of the audience is not diverted to any other medium or business. More than 88% of marketers from around the globe believe that the money invested in video marketing pays double the revenue of any other mode of marketing. They are highly satisfied with the results of the strategy.

The main reason for the success of this marketing strategy is the interest of the audience in the content. It is discovered that more than 55% of the people prefer watching a video of a brand over a plain text or image of it. They do not want to put in the effort to understand the marketing strategies businesses generate, all they are interested in is the level of creativity and uniqueness the brand brings to their screens.

If you are a business that wants to gain the utmost attention of the audience and wants to turn their engagements into profitable revenues, then it is high time you create videos about your business and spread them on all social channels. The more your video will be visible to your audience, the better revenues it will bring to your name. To help you create the best videos, here are the ten top video creation software you can work on. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

This software is one of the two widely used software by professionals. You can create absolutely anything from videos for social media accounts to high definition videos for YouTube. The software has excellent automatic functions, high-tech editing tools, and a free trial for the first few days. Videos created through this are professional and can turn any potential customer into a real customer. 

Final Cut Pro X

If you want videos that will instantly change your future customer into a current customer, then do not go anywhere else. This software has versatile and powerful video editing tools, top-notch technology, an excellent interface, and works equally right for apple users as well.

Adobe Premiere Elements

If you are only trying to make your first-ever marketing video, then you must try this out. This software is not the fastest but it will for sure give you the best results as for a trial video. It is full of features and is quite easy to use.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Free trial for a month, real-time effects, and the right color corrections, everything available in one software, the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate. The business video created through this will make your audience go crazy for you. It is a great beginner's tool for you to use.


This software is the best one to use if you do not want to spend money on video making at all. There is a paid and a free version of the software available, so you can easily access the free version and make as many videos as you want.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle studio is going to be your helping hand if you want to have software that will have multi-camera capture with supreme quality editing. This software brings you the right colors with versatile options and easy to use guide.

Vimeo Create

A software that can be used on both the leading systems iOS and Android is this. You will be able to create content by using their templates and following the easy to follow steps. The software also gives 30 days’ free trial which is great for your business.


KineMaster is a great video editing software that allows you to edit any video at any moment and make it attractive. It has unlimited rich features that will instantly connect with your audience and will start engaging with them. This app is available as free usually and is used by professionals.


This is another widely used video editing software that is extremely powerful when it comes to performance and high-definition colors. This software is used on Hollywood projects to give them the right touch of colors and technology. A video created through this will impress the audience in less than no time.


If you want to have special effects in your video that will leave your audience amazed, then this software is your go-to option. It includes many filters, color correction tools, and blurring tools which will take your creativity to another level. You can create intriguing content on it and impress your target audience. 

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