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Plafixx Dry Mix Co WLL


01 Jan, 2015


3JXF+F9X, Sitra, Bahrain

About Plafixx Dry Mix Co WLL :

Plafixx offers a wide products range of Bonding Coats , Cement Renders/Plasters , Decorative Color Renders , Decorative Texture Finishes, Insulation Mortars , Gypsum Plasters, Masonry Mortars, Tile Adhesives, Tile Grouts, Floor Screeds, Repair Mortars , Non-Shrink Grouts etc………

Plafixx is a leading dry mix company operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Plafixx combines latest German dry mix technology with high quality raw materials in the region for a wide range of products and services to meet the fast growing and challenging demands of the construction industry. Plafixx is dedicated to serve the construction industry by setting up new standards. We offer a wide range of dry mix products based on Cement and Gypsum with more than decade of experience in the Middle East. We are dedicated to achieve highest customer satisfaction through the quality, reliability and consistency of our products and services.

Plafixx offers the most modern dry mix system with pneumatic dry mix conveying and automatic application machines for the construction industry. The system offers ready to apply products at the “press of a button”. Factory produced dry mix mortar are much more reliable and productive than site mixed mortars. Each product is accurately produced to ensure the quality and consistency. We offer the product delivery to the site in bags. A range of machines are available to suit with the various application and usage of the products at site. Plafixx offers the application machines from PFT, Germany. The machine application ensures the homogeneous and accurate mixing of the dry mix with water, thus eliminating the errors that can occur with the manual mixing. The products are reachable to any distance in time with pneumatic conveying system at the “press of a button”. The system will provide the customers a clear edge in terms of quality and productivity.

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