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How SEO does not need many backlinks is still Top Google

How SEO does not need many backlinks is still Top Google

It is time to implement SEO campaigns that do not need many backlinks because a series of recent Google algorithm changes have become smarter, better user-oriented such as applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), RankBrain for algorithms like Humming Bird delivers quality content that users want the most, while the Penguin 4.x algorithm is the counter of rampant backlinks from untrusted sources.

To Top Google does not need as much backlink as possible because the Golden Rule most up to now still applies: Content IS KING, and the future will still be. We know that Google has upgraded to change the search algorithm just to serve the searcher better and closest to their wishes only.

Top SEO does not need many backlinks does not mean that backlinks are not important, but backlink building during Penguin 4.x needs less, but the quality ensures the following 3 factors:

• Contextual topic the same topic as the target post (Blogs, Social Networks)

• From reliable sources, a high reputation for PA, DA, .GOV .EDU sites (not much needed)

• From sources related sites in the same field

I apply the 90/10 principle as SEOBluePrint recommends that 90% of the time is spent on creating valuable content for users, 10% for promoting and building backlinks, why is that? Because simply through the following example, you will see: A singer is not good at singing, how good is a PR, when he brings a lot of audiences to see that singer perform, what will happen? And next time PR will go to see that singer sing again?

Similarly, looking at the things you provide on your sites such as your information, product, or service, focus best on the quality, if it is really good, the PR, building backlink will be very easy. and efficiency.

The necessary conditions for SEO to TOP do not need many backlinks

SEO to the top depends on many factors, and the quality of Content or products and services is still the most important thing if you can ensure this factor, you will gain trust from users and customers. Here are the prerequisites on your website to have:

1. Quality Information, Products, Services

Provide information, products, or services that users/readers (your target audience) really want to have.

Therefore, if you want to be on the Top, you should first target users, the products, services, and information you provide to users are the best possible, have high value, and are highly appreciated by users, that is the factor. of primary importance. Then there are the techniques and technologies that will assist you / your company in optimizing Google search engine-friendly content/website, then you have a better chance of getting to the Top better in the search engines. sword.

2. Organize structured information on the website

Organizing website information structure is very important is the foundation for SEO to be successful

Imagine how many floors you want to build a building, then you need to design the structure and architecture in advance to withstand the house, when you have a good foundation and girder frame, then very solid and solid without fear of storm, earthquake level 6,7, SEO too

HUB Content and Keyword

Keyword difficulty is divided into 3 levels: Difficult (popular keyword 2-3 words), Medium (usually 4-6 words), and Easy keyword (Longtail long tail over 6 words)

Keyword distribution according to the HUB-Content nesting model is as follows:

• POPULAR Keyword: Set at a large category / or topic level

• Medium Keyword: Set the level of topic / or article

• Easy (Longtail Keyword): Set the post leaf level.

When allocating keywords corresponding to pages such as hierarchical model, HUB Content, on-page SEO optimization for each page with target keywords for each page, and 2-way linking as above

Posts (level 3) pages with long-tail keywords will be easier to top and have a high CTR, then these pages will push the keyword to the top-level topic page (level 2). PageRank will pass the value. afternoon from the bottom up. Then the chance of getting to TOP for the moderate competition will be better, similarly, from level 2 pushed back to level 1, over time the keyword difficulty will also enter the top.

3. How to transmit Information, Messages

To convey the best information to users is very important because not many customers come to your site and trust your products and services right away your job is when the opportunity is to find ways to impress. You need to know the following copywriting principles to convey good information and create trust with your customers:

• Research, thoroughly learn information about the topic to be written

• Focus on your customers' interests first

• Incorporate emotions in content

• Incorporate the fundamentals of Copywriting to persuade

• Gain attention

• Focus on the customer

• Emphasize benefits

• Create a difference, differentiate from competitors

• Prove the difference in your product

• Establishing trust / Creating credibility, trust

Urge and call to action (CTA) of the client

Add personality, uniqueness, and branding style

Use words: Urgent, unique, useful, guide, advice, ...

Simplified content makes the message clear and concise

Think outside of the always creative box looking for ways to better convey information to users.

4. How to present more attractive content

Presentation and presentation of information, more attractive to serve readers better, keep onsite customers longer, and, importantly, increase conversion

User Experience (UX) - Better user experience with the following suggestions:

• Create attractive Headline and set font size about 20px

• Outline Heading items that impress each paragraph

• Create Hook for posts with impressive introductory (sapo)

• Hierarchical organization H2, H3, with subheading (sub heading) suitable with the content of each paragraph

• Separating between paragraphs uses spaces to separate them

• Each paragraph 2-5 sentences, not more than 4 lines per paragraph

• Content text: increase Font size, increase line height (font: 15-16px, line height: 22-24)

• Highlight your main phrase with bold

• Anchor text uses blue text color and underline

5. Website optimization - OnSite and Onpage

Distinguishing On-Site Optimization and On-Page Optimization

On-site optimization is a technique to optimize the overall SEO of the website: navigation structure, URLs, robots, sitemaps, ...

On-page optimization is a one-page optimization technique that specifically optimizes your target keyword, keyword placement, keyword density, and many other factors.


• Optimize overall On-Site and perform Onpage for each page on the entire website

• The Onpage optimization technique section has many documents written about this issue, so I just re-listed the most important points below:

• Reasonable allocation of keywords, keyword density on the page

• Choose 1 main keyword (target keyword), 3-5 sub-keywords

The main keyword appears in the tags:

• Title, Description, H1, URL

• Appears in H2, H3 tags

• In the content about 3-5 times right at the beginning, the middle, and the conclusion.

• In the ATL image

• Anchor text

• Strong / Bold

• Place links to contextually related articles

• Link outbound links to reliable sources

6. Speed

Why do I have to rewrite the word Speed 3 times? Because it is extremely important.

Website loading speed is the key factor because mobile users are not patient enough for the page to load more than 5 seconds because there is only one screen on a mobile device, unlike on a desktop with many tabs. A new information Google announced the formula: PAGE SPEED = $$$, who do the best e-commerce business and a typical case study is TIKI was invited by Google on the occasion of Google Mobile Day on 4/4 in Ha Internal share on this issue.

7. Promote Website / Content

When you have quality content, optimized and ready to promote, PR then you will satisfy customers and when readers love you Google will love you.

Write the main content summary to share on social networking sites: G +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, SlideShare, Google site, those are great sources of community and great engagement to engage users. to your site, and it's a great way to build secure backlinks.

Building backlinks from reliable and relevant sources ensure the following factors:

• Build from pages with the same domain topic

• Not much, but the quality of links put in the Body article is most valuable, so writing Guest Post for sites in the same category

• Build your own free blogs like Blogspot, Google site, Linkedin

• Participate in Blogs, Social Networks to interact with threads of the same topic, answer questions, and link to your site's posts for more detailed answers.


Through a difficult article to help you implement SEO to TOP right away, because SEO is a long process, the harder it is to have a careful strategy and plan preparation from SEO. From analyzing the market (measuring the volume) and identifying the competitors that are standing on the top. Prepare a content strategy and implement on-page SEO.

To help you have a good SEO plan I have systematized the entire 6-step SEO process document including Website structure, keyword research, Content strategy, On-page optimization, Website promotion, Measurement, and review through the article: Overall SEO Process with PDF Slide attached.

Above is what I am doing with my projects, in this "SEO does not need many backlinks" I do and have had good results. Hopefully, the article will help you, you find it useful, please share this article.

Ame Linda

Ame Linda

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