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Top 5 developer’s IDE tools used in Android App Development

Top 5 developer’s IDE tools used in Android App Development

The Android operating system is specifically developed for handheld touchscreen devices including smartphones and tablets. Initially developed by Android, Inc. with financial assistance from Google, Android was released in 2007 alongside the creation of the Free Handset Partnership (later acquired by Google in 2005) (a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication entities devoted to developing open standards for mobile devices).

The numbers found in analysis from Statista are: Google Play Store has 2.8 million; the Android App Store has 2.2 million; Windows Store has 6.9 million, and Amazon has 600,000, and the BlackBerry App Store is 234,500. The figure is as many as the number of applications available in leading App stores from Q3 2018.

As Google's official web store, the biggest share of the smartphone market is Google Play, with 6,140 Android applications being launched every day on average. This is no surprise as Android's share in the world in 2018 was 85 percent. As of July 2018, famous gaming applications like Pokémon Go and Candy Crush Saga are the world's best-selling Android games.

With a 42 percent market share of multiple smartphones, Android is the buzzword in technology today. Unlike its rivals iOS and Blackberry, Android applications are open source. The resources they use to build are free and no special production telephone is required or your hardware has to be licensed as a development unit. The latest developments on the market are the Top 5 Android development tools. An Android app development company can help you leverage all these below tools for developing your Android apps.

Android SDK

You'll be provided the API libraries and developer tools to create, tested, and debug applications for Android with an Android Software Development Kit (SDK). It's one of Android's most common SDKs. Android application development India can build Android apps for you using the Android SDK.

New developers of Android or an Android app development company will download the ADT Package to start creating applications easily. The core components for Android SDK and an Eclipse IDE version with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) are used to boost the development of your Android app. Android app development India can help you in getting insights into the latest trends in Android development.

Native development kit (NDK)

The NDK is a toolset that helps Android developers or an Android app development company to implement compartments of their application using native programming languages like C and C++. NDK, since they can reuse existing code libraries written in these languages, can be shown to be a major support for developers. The main point is that the bulk of implementations do not gain NDK.

The developer must weigh his gains against pitfalls, as the indigenous code does not always improve its efficiency but in general increases its sophistication. Prefer NDK only if your app is necessary, never because you just like C/C++. Android application development India can help you build apps using the Native Development Kit. An Android app development company can leverage NDK and build high-quality apps for your business.

Titanium mobile SDK

The Titanium SDK allows community developers to build high quality, web, or rich hybrid apps on any of the platforms using JavaScript from one codebase. Titanium gives you an immersive user interface of over 5,000 APIs, relative to conventional local channels, for a fraction of the time.

Although Titanium has some drawbacks, including constraints on flexibility, user interface, and sophistication, Titanium is still the first thing that Android and other cross-platform development applications have to do. Android application development India can leverage the Titanium Mobile SDK to build Android apps for you. An App

Hypernext Android creator (HAC)

HyperNext Android Builder (HAC) is an easy-to-use framework that helps virtually all to start creating their own Android apps that function easily. The HAC applications include a wide variety of platforms and are very well supported.

HAC is HyperCard based on the handling of card stacks by machines, where only one card can be displayed at a time, so it is ideally suited for cell phone devices that can run a window. HAC is much closer to "HyperNext" which makes understanding and integrating much more user-friendly.

Adobe Air

With Adobe® Air® Runtime, developers can package the same code into native iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and other Android applications, and enter more than 500 million smartphone app stores. Running with Action Script, HTML, CSS AIR primarily helps users to build mobile applications that save time and minimize production costs across the web.


To improve their skills and performance, every developer of Android needs the right tools. We hope you can advance as a professional developer with 11 other Android development tools we have shared. Android application development India can help you in leveraging all these tools for your Android development.

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