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What is Earned Media? 5 Ways to Get It

What is Earned Media? 5 Ways to Get It

Earned media is mentions of your business by a third-party website or any other publisher. You may want to hire a digital marketing company to get earned media, right? But here are the excellent and simplest 5 ways to get it.

But before you start working upon these 5 ways, we recommend you to read this post and know more about earned media. Earned media has many other important things related to it. Maybe a digital marketing company won't tell you about all the things. But you must know. Because you will be able to figure out whether earned media is useful for you or not. So let's begin with this amazing post.

PART 1: Know About Earned Media

In this part of the post, we will try to deeply know about the earned media. So keep reading.

What Is Earned Media?

Earned media is what other publishers publish about you. But wait, there should be no paid connection between your business and the publisher. It must be natural to call it earned media. You get featured in news articles, magazines, websites, youtube channels, or social media, without paying anything. Seems hard to get it without money? Well, a digital marketing company will help you.

Importance Of Earned Media

Following benefits you will get through earned media:

● Increases brand value.

● Build trust with the audience.

● You will look more authentic.

● Automatic online reputation management.

Examples Of Earned Media

You can get earned media through any source. Following are some examples of earned media:

● A news publication.

● A mention in top lists.

● A magazine story.

● An online biography.

● A service mentioned on Youtube.

● A social media share.

● And much more.

Can You Simply Buy Earned Media?

When we talk about earned media, some people ask can we simply buy earned media? A digital marketing company will do the same for you. They will charge you money and help you get earned media. But be aware of the difference between earned media and paid media.

PART 2: Earned Media Vs. Paid Media

Let's figure out what makes earned media and paid media different from each other.

Major Differences: Earned Media Vs Paid Media

● Earned media looks more authentic.

● Customers believe in earned media.

● Cheap paid media can ruin your online reputation.

● Good earned media can build your brand.

PART 3: Top 5 Ways To Get Earned Media

Now let's figure out what are some common ways to get earned media. There are several ways to do it, but we have mentioned the top 5 ways here for you.

#1. Social Media Is The Best

Social media is the best place to get earned media easily. You can also hire a digital marketing company and boost your presence in the market. Following are some of the activities that will be covered.

● Facebook Shares

Generate shareable content on Facebook. Influencers and other publishers share facebook content more.

● Twitter Mentions

Get yourself mentioned in other Twitter handles. No doubt a digital marketing company can help you.

● Instagram Tags

Share content on Instagram so the influencers share it by tagging your brand profile.

#2. Make Relationships With People

The next important step is to make relationships with people involved in publishing media. You can build relationships using Linkedin or directly approach them. Healthy relationships can help you get earned media without paying anything. Following are some people you may pay attention to. Invite them, meet them, and make them your friends.

● Media And News Personnel

● Influencers

● Reviewing Authorities

#3. Make Contributions To The Society

If you have done something good for society then you will get earned media. Maybe local media or global media notice you and publish something about you. It will be great work. Following are some contributions you can make:

● Provide Something Free

● Corporate Social Responsibility

● Social Work

● Extraordinary Marketing

#4. Be The Master Of Your Trade

Suppose that you are running a digital marketing company, then you should be the master of it. Because being a master, you will automatically generate earned media for you.

#5. Appear Publicly

Don't be shy, you are the first and the best promoter of your brand. You can appear publicly to be noticed by the publishers. They will mention you in their published content and media if you appeared somewhere.

A mention for you will be a mention for your brand. There will be no need to hire any digital marketing company to do this. Just pay attention to the invitations that you get from others. Following are some platforms where you can appear and speak:

● Webinars

● TV Expert Panels

● Local Seminars

● Business Summits

In this post, we have learned that you can get earned media without a digital marketing company. But if you are willing to hire one, then you can do it. Of course, it will save time for you. An earned media is good to build the online reputation of your brand. You have to appear publicly, meet new people, share more content on social media, do some social activities, etc. 

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