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Must know -Best Benefits health benefits of onions in the body

Must know -Best Benefits health benefits of onions in the body

Onions -8 Reasons You Must Consume Them!

Onions are an integral part of the cuisines and food preparation. They are trove of health benefits as the antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits make them indispensable part of the diet.

Onions can relieve you from common cold, flu and cough to digestion and gut issues. The biggest benefit of them is their heart friendly content of flavonoid, quercetin, which cuts the risk of cholesterol and also prevents blood clotting. With regular consumption, the healthy cholesterol content rises in the blood and blood pressure comes down.

Reasons one must consume onions

Improve heart health

Onions not only enhance the flavor of our dishes, but it is also a healing food. It is one of the best foods for the heart, as it cuts cholesterol levels and gives rise to healthy fat in the blood. The males with erection issues too are suggested to increase consumption of the product to overcome erection weakness. A natural remedy in which onions are part along with a healthy diet may reduce need for a higher dose 200 mg Sildenafil citrate for severe erection cases.

Regular your blood pressure

Researchers have proved that onions help keep a check on the blood pressure levels. The heart friendly fibres are the main ingredient which helps in hypertension. When researchers provided quercetin to a group of males in a study, the males had declining systolic and diastolic reading. Being a decent source of potassium, the onions also cut the sodium effect in the body which further helps blood pressure patients.

Cure for diabetics

The glycaemic index of onion is low which makes it safe for a diabetic person. The high amount of fibre and few carbs are other plus points of onions to be considered a perfect salad for a diabetic.

Boosts gut and heart health

The fibre and prebiotics in onion improve our gut health and ensure a smooth digestion system. The water soluble dietary fibre inulin is one of the prebiotic of onions. It supports the helpful bacteria in the gut which leads to digestion of food.

Cool food in summers

The cooling properties of onion makes it a must part of the salads in hot summer conditions. The volatile oil keeps low body temperature. Nutritionists recommend adding lemon on onion salad to increase the vitamin C value of the salad.

Aids skin and hair health

Nutritionists say that onion is also a good source of vitamin C, which is required to build collagen. Collagen in turn ensures volume and sheen to skin and hair. However, the best way to get the benefit is by using the product as a food, not in extracting juice and directly applying on the skin. Some support applying onion juice on hair, but consultations is needed for further details on this aspect.

Keep depression under control

Foliate in onions keeps homocysteine under check. It releases the serotonin, the happy hormone. It is the safest and easiest way to help deal with depression. No wonder, onions are part of a natural diet to cure erectile issues in males. And depression being one of the causes behind erection, onion ensures overall impact on all causes behind the weak erection.

Help to males with weak erection

There are some research works to mention that onions may reduce contraction in blood vessels by releasing nitric oxide. The same nitric oxide is stimulated by Cialis 60 mg Online, a higher dose prescribed by doctors for severe cases. The research work mentioned that allium and allyl disulphide in onions are responsible behind release of nitric oxide. Dilation in blood vessels improves blood pressure condition, reduces pressure on heart and prevents chances of vascular disease and a heart stroke.

Boost bone health

An important ingredient of bone health is calcium, which is 25mg in one onion. Regular consumption of raw onion in salads can offer various health benefits including a boost to bone health. The onions cut the oxidative stress, and boost the antioxidant levels in the body. By checking bone density loss, onions cut the risk of osteoporosis without medications, and increase bone density.


Onions are one of the healthiest foods for multi health benefits. For best results ensure that maximum intake of onions is through salads in raw form. Cooking reduces their nutritional value. By adding garlic or olive oil in salad, you can enhance the benefits of the product in your diet.

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