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8 Tips To Extend Your Battery Life

8 Tips To Extend Your Battery Life

It is such heartbreak when your favourite vape pen stops giving you the hit you crave so much, but it feels even worse when that vape refuses to recharge. If this was an ideal world, all the vape pens would run smoothly, without running out or exploding and it would never stop working. Sadly, this is not that world, and things are bound to go wrong here.

Whether you have bought your electrical cigarette from the nearest vaping store or from an online vape shop, you can easily get it impaired if you use it continuously and irresponsibly. As vapes or electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular, especially among the younger generation, it is important to spread awareness regarding its battery handling.

If you're new to vaping and get annoyed at how quickly the battery starts draining then, have a look at some of the proven tips to extend the battery life of your vapes.

Remember to unplug after you are done charging

Leaving your vaping pen on charging overnight is the most common way to damage your batteries. It might feel convenient to most but it leaves horrible effects on your battery because leaving the battery on charge will open it to overheating and overcharging. So if you are in the habit of putting your battery on charging before you go to sleep and if you are used to charging your battery after every use, even if the battery is at 90, you need to shed your habits. Because by doing so you could unknowingly be reducing the total capacity of the battery. Always recharge your battery once it reaches 40%.

Turn your device off

Many vapes are coming with handy firing button locks and sleep modes, but unfortunately, both the options do very little to save the battery. Therefore, if you really want to conserve the battery life, it is best to completely shut your device off.

Provide proper storage

The battery storage is something that most vapers care the least about, but it has a large impact on the battery life of your vapes. Leaving your vape in your hot car or in any hot atmosphere or keeping your vape out in the cold, not only has drastic effects on the device but it also affects your health negatively. You also need to make sure that your vapes are stored in a moisture-free and secured place, where no damping and dropping could damage your vape.

Rotate oftentimes

If there are more than one set of batteries at your disposal then always make sure that you are rotating through those batteries frequently. If you keep using the one battery and keep putting others away for emergencies then you would be unknowingly wearing your battery down. So, rotate your batteries and rotate them frequently, so each of them gets cycled.

Remember to clean your batteries

Before and after each use, make sure your battery is clean, especially from the contact points. Use cotton swabs to wipe your batteries down and never use sticky or greasy hands on them.

Remove the cartomizer

If you know that you won’t be using your device for a while, make sure to remove the cartomizer before placing it in a moisture-free surrounding. The cartomizers should be removed when you are not vaping because their job is to complete the circuit. Having them inside the battery while you are not using the device will drain your battery. So take your time and unscrew the cartomizers from the battery.

Always store a charged battery

Never leave a discharged battery around, because doing so will break down the internal structure of your battery and then it will become very hard for you to recharge it. Therefore, always remember to take off the charger once the battery is charged enough and then store it in a safe and moderate atmosphere.

Use it often

Just like the car batteries, the more you would use your electronic cigarette and keep their batteries active, the better it would be. So don’t compromise on enjoyment in the fear of draining your battery.

Vaping is a new trend that has revolutionized smoking. Vaping is tobacco and combustion-free and if used properly it will reward you by saving lots of money.

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