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Indian Dress: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Indian Dress: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

The emerging-market online has changed from what we are used to in the days of offline retail marketing. The stats have it that 65% of the consumers in the emerging market seek sustainable fashion. Indian dresses has come a long way in the fashion market. Projections have it that India will be the world’s third-largest apparel market come the year 2030. There is an ongoing revolution in fashion and India is a leader in this direction.

Cultural diversity

When we look at India as a country, there is evident cultural diversity in the country. In each of the states that make up the Indian nation, there are different customs for each of the numerous cultural traditions and customs of the people. White is considered auspicious in South India and in other parts of the country; it is worn only during funeral ceremonies.

The quality of the textiles that is available in India and the influence of Bollywood are some of the reasons for the spread in Indian fashion. There are rich depths in Indian fashion for both men and women. The influence of the internet on the fashion industry in India has opened the borders to the entire world.

Government policy

There is something for everyone when we take a look at the Indian dresses and Indian Clothes. This will be appreciated the more if we take a look at what is obtainable for both sexes in Indian fashion. The government has done a lot to help the industry by encouraging its growth. When we trace it down to memory lane; the pioneer political father of today’s Indian nature once banned the importation of textile into India.

There was an outcry against the policy that India will go around naked without the importation of fabric to wear. Today; India is a great player when it comes to fashion sense in the world.

Let us take a look at the depth of the fashion industry in India.


Aside from the depth in wedding attires for a special occasion; there is something special for women on each of their numerous festivals and casual everyday wears. The sarees in India has assumed a status that the world cannot ignore easily. There are depth and variety that women can choose from to achieve the trendiest in fashion.

There are several award-winning brands that have assumed international recognition in the world and they are making waves online. The fact that India is a nation that is open to the world has helped the fashion sense in India. Where you find Indian women in any continent of the world; they are good ambassadors of their dress culture.

It will be out of place to find an Indian woman in America putting on an American suite.


The same scenario that holds for the ladies is also applicable to the men. Popular brands such as Sherwani, Dhoti, Kurta Pyjama, and the rest are well known to Indian men. They have popularized these attires both at home and abroad. The homogeneity that comes with these wears has provided an open chapter for the acceptability of these dresses all over the world.

The influence of the world of make-belief

The entertainment industry has contributed in no small way to the appeal of Indian fashion all over the world. After Hollywood comes to Bollywood. The exposure given to Indian dresses through the movies has taken the appeal of these dresses across the borders of the Indian landscape. The fans of some of the celebrity actors and actresses want to be like their heroes and heroines. This has contributed in no small way to the mass appeal of these dress sense among the world.

Excellence in design

Quality will stand out anywhere on the big stage. This is one of the factors that is taking Indian fashion to the next level. There is evident quality in the designs of the fabric. With the exposure given to the dress sense and the fact that it provides real value on investment; the fashion sense is finding its feet on the international market.


These are the best of times for Indian clothes across the world. The quality in the fabric is getting the attention that is needed to get to the next level. The versatility that comes with the best of these wears is the reason for the local attires that India is gifting to the whole world. There are options that can be used for several occasions. The attires are comfortable through the worst of summer and winter weather.


Going by the facts above that we have exposed about Indian dresses; do we need fashion from India? The facts are there for you to go over again and digest. It should be pretty easy to draw a personal decision without any iota of doubt.

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