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10 of Australia's most popular tourist destinations

10 of Australia's most popular tourist destinations

In Australia's economy, tourism plays an important role, giving the nation billions every year. Australia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world due to its unique scenery, beaches, and wildlife. There are 10 famous follow-ups in Australia that must be visited.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The great barrier reef, one of the seven wonders that can be seen from space, is the largest coral reef system in the world. It's Australia's most iconic tourist sight and the Queensland icon draws 2 million tourists per year. In millions of years, this system of coral reefs was created by small microorganisms. With more than 2300 kilometers, this massive coral reef system has 2900 reef systems.

The best way to get a close view of the coral environment and aquatic life of the great challenge shoreline is snorkeling and scuba diving. Visitors are also fitted with glass vessels, cruisers, submarines, and helicopters.

2. Sydney Opera House

Australia's most iconic landmark and symbol, the center of Sydney harbor. The building has a beautiful view from all four sections. It became the architectural symbol of the 20th century with its shells formed by the roofs of the Sydney Opera House. It is currently a multi-location Australian art center that is listed on UNESCO World Patrimony.

In the Syndey Opera House, there are 1500 separate shows, drawing millions of tourists each year. The venue includes a lobby, a theatre, a playhouse, a studio, and a courtyard. The theatre was built with all the undesired sound absorbed and great acoustic characteristics.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Port Bridge links the Business district of Sydney to the North Shore and is one of the largest steel arch bridges in the world. The bridge is 3770 feet long and 440 feet high, has 8 lanes, two railways, and bike lanes. There are two roadways on this bridge. The development of this bridge took nine years from 1923 onwards. Today this bridge is one of Australia's most photographed locations, drawing thousands of bridge climbers.

The tourist bridge climbing began in 1998. The authorities take safety precautions such as reading and climbing a simulator of blood alcohol content.

4. Uluru, Central Australia

Uluru is a large formation of sandstone in Australia's north. It's 3.6 km long and 1.9 km high, said to have been buried on the ground for 2.5 km in the weight of Uluru. Uluru has formed at the bottom of the sea 600 million years ago. Now the Anangu tribe has been made a holy place in the north.

Uluru is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage sites due to its cultural and geological significance. The iron content oxidation in Uluru induces brilliant coloration in orange-red. There are also rock caves and antique paintings near the Uluru’s sandstone that tourists can see.

5. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

A broad ocean path, 243 kilometers long, stretches along the South East Coast of Australia. This highway was created in remembrance of soldiers who lost their lives in world war I, another site of Australia's world heritage. It took 13 years to complete the surf coastal route.

Driving along a great ocean path is the gigantic calcareous formation in the southern ocean to the highest attraction. View of most of Australia's lovely beaches such as Torquay, bells beach, Anglesea, road night, Fairhaven, bay apollo, Johanna, and Kennett also make you drive along the major ocean road.

6. Fraser Island, Queensland

It occupies an area of 184,000 ha and spans more than 200 kilometers. This is the only location on earth that can see a significant amount of rain forest in sand due to mycorrhizal fungi found on the Fraser Island sand. The island is connected by 100 different lakes, some with tea-colored water, some with deep blue water, some with clear waters.

The seaside promenade on Fraser Island provides a wonderful view of the ocean and numerous bird species. Dolphins, Turtles, and Sharks are also seen from the cruise while migrating humpback whales can be seen from August to October.

7. Kakadu National Park, Darwin

The National Park of Kakadu is situated in the city of Darwin in northern Australia. The national park encompasses a wide area of 20000 kilometers, renowned for the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal people. Kakadu territory inhabited for over 40000 years by the Aborigines, the oldest civilization on Earth. Within the UNESCO World heritages identified, there are thousands of types of art found in this national park that increase their cultural significance globally.

It also accommodates 280 various bird species and 2000 plant species. In Kakadu National Park, visitors can also see high crocodile populations.

8. Bondi Beach, Sydney

The beach draws thousands of tourists during the year for 1 kilometer. Sunbathing, swimming and surfing are offered at the beach, Bondi. Special areas for swimming and surfing are available. The qualified trainers on the beach of Bondi even support visitors without surfing experience. The restaurants in the vicinity provide visitors with even the finest seafood.

9. Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

One of Queensland's major tourist attractions, 1200 square kilometers, it is home to numerous rare plant and insect species. Daintree forest is currently the world's oldest tropical lowland forest, 135 million years old. The rainforest range of Daintree is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and over four million have visited the site each year.

Daintree's Rainforest with professional guides provides you with all sorts of natural sights and sounds. Also close to the sun is the cruise on the Daintree River.

10. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

The Cradle Mountain is situated in the region of the Tasmanian world heritage, at 5069 meters above sea level. The Cradle Mountain is home to numerous rock formations, lovely landscapes and plants, and animals with rich biodiversity. Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest freshwater lake, is also on this hilltop.

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