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Get ahead in the data visualization game with Arction Ltd

Get ahead in the data visualization game with Arction Ltd

Auction Ltd is one of the industry leaders in providing data visualization techniques that are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Its flagship product, Lightning Chart gives data visualization results within a fraction of a second and will amaze you and your software users with its performance. The company and its services are trusted by many renowned government organizations as well as private organizations alike.

It operates in many sectors that show that its charting solutions can be applied in diverse fields. They can be applied to build and develop applications in fields like engineering and medicine, trading and financing, even space, and many more.

The company has been providing its solutions to customers for more than a decade now and continuously is the recipient of many success stories. It strives for its performance, expertise, configurability, and support that it provides to its customers.

Overview of Lightning Chart

Lightning Chart is Auction's top-of-the-line product. It is a lightning-fast visual studio add-on that provides 2D and 3D data visualization features for software development for WPF, UWP, Windows Forms, and generically for Windows environment. It is completely GPU accelerated for rendering and presenting huge amounts of data which gives unimaginable performance to the deployed applications. The charting feature is very popular as it can be used across different industries and fields.

One might think that real-time data visualization may take a huge amount of time but Lightning Chart proves it false by providing high-speed data acquisition and rendering along with optimizing the software resources. It gives high performance charting controls for .Net and Web alike.

There’s a free 30 days trial and you can be guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed.

Characteristics LightningChart.Net:- provides touch screen support, full mouse-interaction, and custom mouse interactivity extensions. It also can colorize data with a color palette and has different cursors and annotations with fully customizable components.

It can break the data using NaN and other specified breaking values along with giving outputs in scales like Time, Numeric, GCS(Geographic Coordinate System), Date, Custom axis scales, and Logarithmic. Also, it has hundreds of chart examples in its inventory which are very insightful and effective.

Moreover, Auction Ltd provides excellent technical support that’s unmatched.

Arction - Partners

Arction also boasts a rich partner list who are themselves industry pioneers in their respective fields. Arction has collaborations with organizations across various domains. Let us look at a few of them below.

1. Automobiles - Audi, Mazda, Honda, Toyota

2. Electronics - Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Huawei

3. IT - Software - Microsoft, Center Space Software, XLsoft

Arction partners with all of these trust-worthy organizations. If you are looking for some past experiences of Arction, below are few success stories that Arction has incorporated.

Gain Confidence with these Success Stories

Arction Ltd. has been delivering high-speed data visualization services to a huge customer base. In universities like Beijing Jiaotong, Sherbrooke, Eastern Finland, and many more, the company has successfully made a huge impact with the use of Lightning Chart and other Big data and Artificial Intelligence tools by making digital signaling easy. For example, in the Beijing case, with the use of charts the project aimed to target emergency incidents and find out a solution that would reduce the communication and response time during such emergencies. In the case of the Eastern Finland university project, Arction’s LightningChart was used to facilitate the enhancements in oral and dental care by proper data analysis and visualization of the spectral images. With these success stories, we can see that Arction Ltd. has demonstrated experience in the field of Data Visualization and its Lightning Chart tool is one of the best tools that provide lightning speed visualization solutions.

Reasons to choose Arction Ltd for data visualization:

1. Seamless Experience with lightning-fast speed

2. Excellent Technical Support

3. Value for money

4. High-performance charting components

5. Flexibility to choose between .NET and JavaScript

6. Can be used over a range of platforms

7. Can handle massive data in real-time applications

These are the reasons why should go with Arction. By now you would have surely got an idea of the quality experience that Arction provides to its customers. The tools that Arction provides can easily handle and process huge datasets in no time. So you can surely end your search here and go with Arction. You can be guaranteed that you will enjoy the seamless experience that Arction Ltd is known for.



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