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How to Easily Fix QuickBooks Crash Catcher Mac?

How to Easily Fix QuickBooks Crash Catcher Mac?

The crash catcher window appears on the screen with an error message “an error has occurred, and QuickBooks must quit.” The error is triggered for a few reasons, such as when you don’t update your QuickBooks application on your Mac computer for a long period, or if the company file is damaged. If you encounter a QuickBooks crash catcher error on Mac PC, make sure to fix the error immediately; otherwise, you could suffer data loss in QuickBooks. The error can be easily fixed depending on its cause. The information mentioned below consists of the solutions with the causes of the error. Read the complete article to know more. 

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Ways to Resolve the Crash Catcher Error 

Solution 1: Update your QuickBooks Software

Outdated QuickBooks software can be a reason for the error. You can easily fix the error by updating the software to the latest released version.  

Solution 2: Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

You can use this solution to rebuild the company file if it is damaged. The steps to fix the company file are given below:

  1. Open the File menu and click on the Utility option.
  2. Click on the Verify Data. 
  3. If the system spots a problem, then open the Utility option again.
  4. After that, click on the Rebuild Data option.
  5. Then again, use the verify Data tool from the Utility drop-down.
  6. If the error persists, back up your data. 

Solution 3: Run your PC in Safe Boot Mode 

It might be possible that the third-party apps are causing the error. We can resolve the issues caused by third-party applications by running the PC in safe boot mode. Instructions to run the PC in safe mode are given below: 

  • Turn off your PC.
  • Turn on the PC again by pressing the Power button, then press and hold the shift key until you see the Windows Desktop. 
  • Continue the task you were doing before the crash catcher window appeared.
  • If the error is still not resolved, it means QuickBooks is getting interrupted by some software already installed on your PC. 
  • Go back to the Normal mode by restarting the PC without pressing the shift key.

Solution 4: Verify if the User Permissions are Causing the Error 

The error could have gotten triggered because the user did not have administrator permissions. To confirm if the error was caused by it or not, add a new Mac OS user. The steps to add a new user are given below:

  1. First, click the Apple menu. 
  2. Next, select the System Preferences. 
  3. Then, click on the Users & Groups icon.
  4. After that, click on the add (+) button to add a new user with administrative rights.
  5. You can sign in with the new user.
  6. Finally, open the QuickBooks again to check if the error is fixed.  


If the error persists, it is possibly because the .plist files might be damaged. You can delete the .plist files to resolve the QuickBooks crash catcher error on Mac PC. Open the QuickBooks again to verify if the error is fixed. In case it isn’t, dial the helpline number to get in touch with a QuickBooks professional immediately.

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