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The Best Spring Nail Polish Trends to Try

The Best Spring Nail Polish Trends to Try

If you love to wear your nails in fashion, this article is for you!

Prepare all your enamels of nails and accessories you have at home to make your manicure and decide to try the latest trends in nail designs, colors of enamels Let your creativity fly and awaken your hidden talent for a manicure!

Floral Designs

Spring takes your nails, delicate floral designs are other trends in nail decoration that come with more force with delicate nail polish tones. Our recommended for this type of design? Gel Effect Enamels in the tones Caress, Seduction, Hope, Delicacy, Admiration, Constancy, and Calm. If you want inspiration, check out our tutorial: Dress your spring nails

Minimalist Details

Small details like dots, little hearts, or geometric lines are a discreet way to take your nail art to the next level. They are also very easy to achieve if you are not an expert. Here we show you a very easy idea to achieve.

The nail polish brands and cosmetic companies try their best to make their nail polishes look mesmerizing for the customers. For that purpose, they make sure that the packaging and nail polish boxes are in the best designs and creative features.

The Best Copper Nail Polish Trends to Try on


The nail polishes are an accessory that allows us to be a fashionable, elegant look and liven up our clothes easily and with colors that follow fashion trends and beauty.

Nowadays, metallic enamels have captured everyone's attention, as have textured ones. But one color, in particular, has come to be the rage of the season.

Don't miss the best copper enamels on the market below!

The Full Monty by Butter London

The Butter London brand always follows the new trends in enamel. Its The Full Monty enamel is a metallic color between gold and copper, ideal to look elegant and sophisticated. A bold yet attractive color that stays within earthy tones and looks good with any wardrobe.

Orly Flare

Flare enamel from the Orly brand is an excellent color to show off this trend, which also offers a super attractive and original two-tone mix to show off this trend for any occasion.

Electrify by China Glaze

The estimates with highlights this season were also present. If you want an original, eye-catching, and shiny nail polish, the Electrify by China Glaze is a great option.

Fun and trendy, it combines two colors: red and copper and you can use it to spice up your everyday outfit or reserve it for a special occasion. The custom nail polish boxes used for electrifying by China Glaze are also very much amazing.

RGB Copper

As its name says, the “copper” enamel, or copper in Spanish, from the RGB brand is a great example of this copper trend for nails. A striking, original, and very glamorous color, it offers a special shine and metallic that looks great with this type of color.

Physical Attraction by Deborah Lippmann

If you want copper and you want to shine, you cannot miss Deborah Lippmann's Physical Attraction nail polish. This polish is worth saving for a spectacular evening look for a party, wedding, or outing with friends.

Two Cents by Sonia Kashuk

Similar to Copper by RGB, Two Cents by Sonia Kashuk offers a metallic copper shade with sparkles that will draw attention to your nails. A color that allows you to combine with different colors and textures and with which you cannot look bad.

Kinetic Copper by Sally Hansen

One brand that is never far behind is Sally Hansen. In its line of magnetic enamels, the brand launched the Kinetic Copper model with metallic particles, which create a great effect and a lasting and striking color.

Copper Penny by Revlon

If you want to show off fashionable and elegant nails but not very flashy, a great option is the Revlon Copper Penny nail polish, which offers a lighter shade of copper while maintaining the shine and metallicity that make it fashionable.

Sephora Copper Sparkle

If you want to show off copper and get everyone's attention, Sephora's Copper Sparkle nail polish is the one to do it. This glaze offers a mix between copper color and golden shine in a single container. Fun and undoubtedly very glamorous, this nail polish create the effect of small shiny mirrors on a very elegant copper base.

Copper will be the color of the season. Elegant and easy to combine, and there is a wide variety of enamels to show off this trend as you like.

What are some of the Spring Nail Trends to Try at Home Now?

Here are some easy-to-do spring nail trends to try at home now:

Perfect Nails

Many are the times that when painting the nails we get out and make a mess on the skin, if you have a pen cap on hand, the end that is used to hang it is a perfect tool to remove excesses without damaging the edges of the nail at all. Paint, try and you will see that it is very easy.


Your nails have turned yellow, stained by enamels, because dissolve a little bicarbonate in water to generate a liquid paste and brush your nails well, you will see how those ugly stains disappear completely.


If you have imperfections in your nails you will not believe how easy it is, neither had I known this but there is an imperfection correcting polish that is a skin-colored polish with a soft texture, which with a pair of hands will make the surface of your nails perfectly smooth and pretty.


If you want nails that look beautiful and shiny in the light of night, use the liquid content of the bars that are used at parties so that they are seen in the dark, be careful to put them only for the photos and remove them quickly, the product is a bit toxic.


These nails are great, but it works only with gel polish, give a coat of polish in your favorite color of polish and stick anime balls in different sizes and positions, cure in the lamp for 100 seconds and when leaving, carefully remove the little balls is fantastic this effect tentacle.

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