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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

React native has become the most preferred choice of developers to develop cross-platform applications. Developers are constantly looking forward to the new updates that make the advanced framework for application development.

Although these demands can go so far, developers need to learn ways to avoid common mistakes in the react-native application development process. The error react-native application can ruin the user experience and developer skills. Sometimes, the app development company needs to rely upon native developers to know how JavaScript works. 

Especially if they want to develop an application with computing functions. Thus, it is essential to avoid mistakes while working on react native applications.

Here are some common mistakes that you should not make with react native:

Mistake 1: Wrong Estimation

This mistake is commonly committed by the react-native beginners when the estimation about the application goes wrong.

Estimate the Android and IOS version layout separately. There are multiple layouts and reusable components. The structure of the application page will be different for both platforms.

When estimating the forms, estimate the validation layout. If you are developing a react native application, you are supposed to write big code.

Inspect each endpoint in the back end while developing a web application. Create a correct code and logic part of the app. You must understand the database structure, connected entities, etc., this will help you in planning the redux store.

Mistake 2: Wrong planning for Redux Store

Being a developer, we are usually focused on the innovative part. We tend to care more about the application layout rather than the data handling part.

Redux helps in the proper data storage and management, it the Debug the app states. It can be a powerful tool for data management if planned right, but if not, redux can mess up with several things.

Another important thing that a developer should know is redux development is not suitable for small projects. Even, if you want to make small changes, you may need to write big lines of code. So, it is recommended to go for redux only to develop large-scale applications.

Mistake 3: Not reading external module's code

Usually, the developers use extra modules when they want to save time. Since the module comes with documentation, things become simpler and faster for developers because they can just take the information and use it.

In some unfortunate events, the module may not work as anticipated or break, and developers can read the code to get to know what is wrong.

There are chances that the developer is using the module correctly, and all modules themselves wrong. So, they need to learn how to fix the issue and build their module.

Mistake 4- Un-optimized react-native images

Image Optimization in the applications developed with react native should be the topmost priority of developers. Although there are certain loopholes in the react-native-based framework, it passes every obstacle and test to become the best option to develop mobile applications for every react native application company. 

With Image Optimization, developers can locally resize the image, upload them to cloud storage, and get the CDN link

The un-optimized images can affect the application performance and require big storage and memory. 

You can make the image loading process faster with the following tips:

  1. Use small-size images.
  2. Cache the images locally for faster loading.
  3. Use the thought PNG format instead of JPG format.

Mistake 5- Use of stateless components to gain react-native performance

Some developers think that the things true before react 16 are true even now. Stateless components are the components with no extended class. 

These components come with benefits such as:

  1. Easy testing.
  2. Faster implementation.
  3. Do not use the state as well as local variables.
  4. Why are pure components able to perform better?

To improve the performance, speed, and to implement the react-native applications class-based components, many developers prefer pure components.

It does not unnecessarily re-render the components every time which prevents the re-rendering expenses, especially if the state and props of the component are immutable. And, this ultimately results in the boosted performance and speed.

Mistake 6: Use of bad code practices

Have you ever thought that if you are not following the best coding practices, what is going to be an outcome?

Well! You need to change the code every time if you want to make some modifications. Also, you are supposed to write the long codes because it is not extensible. Here are some best practices you can try for the coding:

While writing the code, keep it readable.

  • Define prop types.
  • Use property destructuring.
  • Give meaningful names to the variables.
  • Separate life cycles and methods. Render elements in the components.

Mistake 7: Left " console.log" statement

The console log statement helps with app execution debugging and an extremely handful. But, if the developer leaves the log statements in the application, it could turn into a serious issue. If the render method in logics is kept inside and unsynchronised, it can result in the bottle-neck in the JavaScript thread. As a result, application performance will become slower.

Develop The Mistake-Proof React Native Applications

First thing first, any developer can commit mistakes while working on application development. Therefore, brushing up the skills from time to time is important, even if you have years of experience. If you are in the initial stages of application development, you should associate yourself with a native app development company in Noida where you can focus on learning.

Knowing your mistakes early can be a good starting point for developers because it can help them in avoiding the mistakes that can affect the user experience. If you are working with a native app development company you can understand how mistakes are an important part of learning, and how they can help you to grow.

So, if you are working on react native application development, consider the above points and avoid making common react native app development mistakes. You will not only be amazed at the results but also share the best experience with users. 

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