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Top Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Advisor

Top Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Advisor

The real estate world has multiple designations and titles such as home inspectors, homeowners, property managers, residential contractors, deal breakers, mortgage officers, and real estate advisors.

Among all these titles, the most important designation is of the real estate agent or advisor, these are the people who connect the sellers with potential buyers.

It is vital that the real estate agent should be a person of ideal character. He should have the ability to fetch all people required for signing a successful deal in a commonplace.

In the entire process of buying or selling any property, the real estate advisor will act as an advocate, salesperson, advertiser, negotiator, contractor, and property manager at different points in time. To be able to successfully perform all these jobs, a real estate advisor must possess certain qualities.

Read below to find out what these characteristics are before you hire a property dealer for yourself.

Win-Win situation mindset

Good real estate agents have the ability to solve problems as they come by creating a win-win situation. They must smartly advocate the properties for sale and help buyers make the right decision even if certain things are not in favor.

Quick decision making

Real estate agents are their own bosses. This is an essential trait that every reputable real estate advisor has. To be able to execute this properly, they must be self-motivated and should have the capability of making prompt decisions at the right time.

High standards of integrity and morality

A real estate agent should display high standards of professionalism by following a proper code of ethics during the transactions. Ideally, if the agent is on the list of National Association of REALTORS, it reflects he follows the market standards of ethics.

All in all, without integrity and honesty, real estate agents cannot thrive in the business for long.


In addition to maintaining high standards of work ethics, the best real estate agents must exhibit perseverance as well. They should have the patience to pursue every lead for their clients to make the best deal is signed. 

This does not mean that a good real estate advisor works all around the clock, it is about working smart and making all ends meet for their clients.

Basic knowledge of architecture

Yes, good real estate advisors must have command over the basics of architecture. This helps them analyze the actual worth of the houses on sale. Besides, such details reflect the agent’s true interest in their client’s demands and needs.

Easy to work with

Inevitably, real estate advisors not only sell properties, but they also market their firms and companies. They must be easy to work with with a friendly attitude. Their personality should be one that is inviting and pleasant.

If people hesitate to schedule frequent meetings with a real estate agent because he is not a good listener and has a rigid attitude, he is definitely not a credible real estate advisor and will not thrive in the industry for long.

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