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Did You Know Your Plastic Toothbrush Is Destroying The Environment

Did You Know Your Plastic Toothbrush Is Destroying The Environment

We all know how plastic can have ill effects on our environment. with its inability to decompose easily, it leaves behind lots of harmful chemicals that can affect animals as well as humans. It may sound funny how a small object of daily convenience can be harmful to our environment. However, with so many people on earth using a plastic toothbrush, imagine how many toothbrushes get accumulated!

Here, we are listing different reasons why you should be switching to eco-friendlier options such as a wooden toothbrush or a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one.

Why should you ditch a plastic toothbrush?

All discarded toothbrushes accumulate in landfills

Since it is advisable for good hygiene to replace your toothbrush after every two-three months, have you ever wondered what happens to the toothbrush after you toss it over in your dustbin? Let us tell you: It is carried away and dumped in landfills! So imagine if so many people live on this planet, how many toothbrushes must accumulate!

Plastics leak harmful toxins into the environment

Whether you are using a simple plastic toothbrush or an electric one, they release harmful toxins into the environment. In fact, an electric toothbrush can be more harmful as it includes batteries as well. Acid leaks from batteries can destroy oceans, wildlife, and water habitats. Plastic toothbrushes are made with various harmful chemicals like crude oil, rubber, polymer raisin, and various other additives such as propylene and ethylene. These chemicals on regular use can bring ill effects. So it’s not just about how toothbrushes are disposed of, it’s also about its manufacturing.

Plastic takes a lot of years to decompose

With plastic being used in so many products and not just the toothbrush, non-recyclable plastic heaps up in landfills. While it does not decompose, it releases harmful chemicals in the air and the soil, thus damaging the ecosystem.

They pollute our environment

Plastic destroys our marine life by releasing toxins that can kill fishes or other water animals. Plastic is broken into smaller pieces that get ingested by these animals thus harming them.Consuming water animals such as fish who have ingested the toxins, can land up on your meal table as well, which can be harmful to you.

They do not burn easily

Plastics are not easy to burn, however even when they do, they release harmful gasses, odd coloured flames, and weird smells which can result in acid rain, air pollution, and breathlessness if inhaled.

We have an alternative for you

Changing your plastic toothbrush to an eco-friendlier product can be very beneficial. Here is an option that you can go for: a wooden or bamboo toothbrush.

Made with natural products such as wood or bamboo, these toothbrushes are hygienic and keep your teeth healthy and clean. They can be beneficial for the environment as they are easily decomposed.


  • They are anti-microbial and thus maintain your oral hygiene.

  • They look classier and unique.

  • They are easy to carry around.

  • They can be recycled easily.

  • Bristles are made up of nylon which helps keep the product cruelty free.

  • They are only made up of organic resources.

  • They can be used for 4-5 months as compared to plastic ones that should be replaced after 2 months. 

In conclusion with

Plastic can be very harmful to the environment, as it does not decompose easily. When they do, it releases lots of chemicals in the soil, air, and water. Bamboo or wooden toothbrushes are sustainable products so for a greener future, always choose eco-friendly products. 

Amisha Lohan

Amisha Lohan

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