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Dye Bleeding-The Effects of Bad Area Rug Cleaning and How to Prevent It

Dye Bleeding-The Effects of Bad Area Rug Cleaning and How to Prevent It

A clean, chic, and posh area rug enhances the overall elegance of your home and workplace. Usually, people prefer DIY rug cleaning but a classy area rug always requires professional services for better maintenance. So, it is always preferable to go for ‘Area Rug Professional Cleaning near Me'; otherwise, amateur services can damage your rug's fiber.

Dye Bleeding and Its Main Causes

Dye bleeding is quite common and can happen on most of the area rugs frequently. Generally, there are several causes of dye bleeding on area rug, but it mainly happens when you overlook rug cleaning. The major drawback of color bleeding/dye bleeding is that it changes the rug's overall pattern, colors, and appearance.

  • Inappropriate area rug cleaning methods also cause these colors to run into one another. Remember, red color is considered the primary culprit because it doesn't color-fast properly. Nevertheless, this bleeding issue is somewhat common and can happen with any other color too.
  •  In General, area rugs bleed due to the inclusion of additional colors after the rugs being woven. This inappropriately added color runs into the rug when you handle (clean) it without any professional assistance. That’s why; it is always suggested to hire professional cleaners and prefer ‘Cheap Area Rug Cleaning Near Me’ for satisfactory rug cleaning services.
  • Besides, the unprofessional cleaners clean dye bleeding without running any dye test. This dye test helps in identifying the most suitable methods to clean your area rug like a pro.

Undeniably, there are several methods to remove dye color, dust, and stains from the rug; but not all are suitable for a specific rug. Only expert rug cleaners can determine the appropriate method.

Here’s what you can do to prevent your area rug from dust, dirt, spills, and any dye bleeding.

  • Vacuum Your Area Rug Regularly

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep dirt, dust, grime, liquid spills, and color bleeding at bay. Otherwise, your expensive area rug starts looking dingy and dirty. Timely removal of such dirt particles is needed; or else, they can trap into the rug quickly. After that, it becomes daunting and challenging to remove these stubborn stains and dust particles without any significant effort.

Regular vacuum cleaning can shield your area rug from all types of debris and dust. This way, your rug remains protected and can be used for a long-time.

  • Apply a Rug Protectant

Generally, most area rug cleaners have protectant like Scotchgard. But, if your area rug doesn't have a protectant, then you can think about applying a protector on the rug. The protector is immensely benefit and provides excellent protection from spills, liquid stains, and dust particles.

You can’t apply such protectants correctly, so it is better to hire professionals and let them use the shield/protector for you. It is also a fantastic way to protect the area rug from dye bleeding or any color bleeding.

  • Avoid Heavy Foot Traffic

The area rug's ultimate purpose is to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetic of a home/work place. That's why; it is always suggested to keep your area rug clean and avoid all types of dirt and grime. You should walk on the rug with bare feet as shoes carry dust and germs. It is an ideal way to keep your rug clean and well-maintained for a longer time. So, remove your shoes and then walk on the rug.

  • Remove Spills And Dye Bleeding Immediately

First of all, don't take any liquid near to area rug. It is quite risky to hold orange juice glass near the area rug because spills and spatters take a long time to remove. However, if you spill liquid on the rug accidentally, go for the dabbing trick.

Bear in mind, you don't need to rub a cloth on the rug as it spreads the liquid stain. Simply dab the cloth gently and with proper care.

If you think dabbing doesn't remove stains properly, then hire professional cleaners for this purpose. They know which technique is suitable for removing stains and how to use the tool appropriately.

Final Words

No denial, dye bleeding is quite normal, and it is one of the significant causes of damaging your rug's fiber. So, it is essential to buy a premium quality rug without compromising the quality standards.

Moreover, don't go for DIY remedies for the removal of color bleeding or any other stain. It is risky and can damage your rug forever.

Always prefer professional rug cleaning services and hire professionals who assure top-notched results at affordable prices. Undoubtedly, the experts know which technique is suitable for stain removal and apply it flawlessly.

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