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How to Get a Business Trade License in Dubai

How to Get a Business Trade License in Dubai

The most active business market among all the states of UAE is Dubai. The smart city, free trade zone, and Dubai multi commodities center are the ideal spot for entrepreneurs to start their business.

Starting a business in Dubai has the highest successful ranking compared to banking, company registration, and contract deals.

The business trade license in Dubai is the only hurdle entrepreneurs faces while establishing their fresh business.

Some key steps are essential to be followed for getting a trading license in Dubai.

Let us take a deep dive into the license processing procedure.

What is a trade license in Dubai?

The trade license is a permit designed for business start-ups for continuing their very own business in Dubai.

This document enables to open the gates for entrepreneurs in Dubai city and helps them to create links with the commercial market.

With this license, freshers can conduct business activities and can expand their business in other states of the United Arab Emirates.

The trade license acts as a key to unlock doors that are mostly closed for illegal firms in Dubai free zone.

Trade License in Dubai Categories

The chief trade license classes in Dubai are consist of commercial, professional, industrial, and tourism.

• Commercial License:

With this license, any firm can start their business that performs the activities of buying and selling products. There is a list of goods stated by the Dubai Department of Economic Development which are only allowed to sell or buy within Dubai boundaries.

• Professional License:

This license owner has the biggest advantage is to have 100 percent company ownership and no percentage is required for local owners.

The professional business can be related to auditing, marketing, and teaching. Entrepreneurs' highest license form submissions are recorded for the only professional trading license in Dubai.

• Industrial License:

The physical office is vital to get this license and manufacturing, exporting, or importing of goods must be outside the prohibited list issued by Dubai Authority.

The violation of rules may result in the complete banning of office and industrial functions of the firm. The perks of industrial licenses are higher and profitable for business owners.

• Tourism License:

The tourism sector has some ups and downs in recent years but with this license, the opening of hotels, tour buses, monitoring tour guides, and permission to visit historical places will be allowed.

The tax values are slightly different compared to the other three types of businesses.

Who issues a trade license in Dubai?

Before understanding the Dubai trade license procedure, some central governmental subdivisions are highly involved in distributing business trade licenses.

These bodies are:

• DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development)

• Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)

• Ministry of Interior (MOI)

• Dubai Courts

How to Get Dubai Trade License?

After understanding the basic functions of all governmental departments in Dubai, the major process of license acquiring starts for the entrepreneurs. The procedure consists of three main steps and those are:

• Name registration

The official name is required for the firm to be entered in DED data; the company’s trademark should come under the rules mentioned by the Dubai government which discourages the use of immoral names and should respect the UAE culture.

The name must be connected with your company’s business type and have no copyright issues.

• Record background check

After getting the legal name for the company, the trade license in Dubai can only be given when entrepreneurs cleared identity verification and have a clean record.

Any illegal transaction or business activity results in the cancelation of your Dubai trading license application.

The background investigation includes bank accounts, company partners screening, and business land papers.

• Submitting documents

The Dubai Chamber of Council asks the startups for trade license applications and legal files to register with the Federal Ministry of Economy.

The process will be difficult and lengthy but if starters have the right business consultancy team then this business trade license process will be achieved within days.

Trade license fees

The business trade license in Dubai has various ranges of fees and depends upon the nature of your business and the location of your office.

The mainland and free zone have separate fee charges but the approximate range is from AED 14,000 to AED 20,000.

The inner cities of Dubai have offered some license fee packages but the charges can only decrease for you if professional business consultants are assisting your Dubai trading activities.


KWS Middle East is the best business consultancy in Dubai with the best services offering to entrepreneurs, existing companies, and start-ups.

KWSME deals with all types of business trading licenses in Dubai and has legal approval links with DED and all other economic bureaus.

KWSME can:

• Issue company documents within days.

• Gets business license in Dubai at affordable price.

• Easier procedure for opening the bank.

• Real-time update about your document’s submission procedure.

• Help you to acquire an E-trading license.

• Create deals with local owners for your business office.

• Provide furnished offices and buildings.

• Help to communicate with local bodies with English-Arabic translators' assistance.

KWSME is not only helping with Business trade licenses in Dubai but they are dealing with VISA processing, simple online registration for your business, and providing direction for startups in Dubai.

Feel free to visit kwsme.com and discover easy ways to start a business in Dubai.

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