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How VPS Hosting Colombia is Beneficial for Small Businesses?

How VPS Hosting Colombia is Beneficial for Small Businesses?

When you are running an Online Business, along with good quality products and services you also need to provide your customers with an amazing user experience. If your website takes a high loading time or follows poor security measures, the visitors will leave. Because let’s admit it the customers have thousands of choices available.

So, to provide the best experience to users many businesses are opting for VPS Hosting Colombia. It provides superfast speed, high security, and separate resources at affordable prices. The Colombia VPS is best suited for small business owners requiring Independent Resources at Cheap Prices. With Shared Server you have to split the resources with multiple users, while the Dedicated Server provides you an entire server but it is very expensive. Hence the VPS Hosting in Colombia provides a middle course between Dedicated and Shared Server.

In this article, we have tried to highlight some detailed points focusing on the importance of VPS Colombia for Small Businesses.

What is VPS Server Hosting?

Virtual Private Server popularly known as VPS Hosting provides dedicated resources to users in a Shared Network. VPS uses virtualization technology which creates virtual partitions, separating the resources of one user from another. The users can install their own Operating System and Software over the server.

Also, unlike Shared Hosting, in VPS no other user can utilize your share of resources (RAM, Bandwidth, Storage Space). The VPS Hosting Colombia provides a high level of security and an isolated environment to the users. It is similar to creating a separator on your computer when you wish to install two different operating systems.

VPS Hosting provides you the Dedicated Resources at a much lower price than a Dedicated Server.

Importance of VPS Colombia for Small Businesses

The VPS Hosting Colombia imparts diverse benefits for small and emerging businesses. From Root Level Control to Affordable Price, the advantages of VPS Hosting will help you in faster growth.

Full Root Control

With VPS Server you get complete root access to your server. You can deploy the various software and services you need. You do not need to be dependent on the softwares your web host provides. Also, the level of security can be increased by deploying server monitoring tools.

When your website is hosted over the Shared Server you do not get this feature. If you wish to use a different set of software for your business you can’t do so.

High Scalability

If you expect significant growth in your business in the coming years or plan to expand your business, then you will need a robust server to support it. The Shared Server is not able to handle high traffic or provide separate resources for growth. Further, in the Shared Server other users may also use your share of RAM, Bandwidth, etc leading to deficiency of resources whenever you need them. In Colombia VPS Hosting you have separate resources and can easily expand them whenever the need arises.

Unbeatable Security

The VPS Hosting Colombia provides you high level of security. With separate server resources and a virtually independent server, your server data is safe from the malicious neighborhood.

On the other hand when you use a Shared Server the risk of a security breach is very high. There no separation or partition of resources. Also, the VPS server has Firewalls, Virus Prevention, and DDoS Protection for the safety of the server from Viruses, Hackers, Spammers.

Improved Performance

With the Shared Server, you have to use the same server which is being used by dozens of other users without any separation. While the VPS Colombia ensures you have your independent resources. When a website shares the resources with other users it may impact each other’s performance. For instance, when any website over the network encounters a traffic surge it may slow down the other websites too.


Earlier it was presumed that businesses would eventually opt for Shared Servers as VPS Hosting was very costly. But as the technology emerged the VPS prices significantly reduced making it ideal for businesses at the initial stages. It provides a completely affordable package for websites that have outgrown the limits of Shared Server but could not afford an independent server.

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