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Why look for SAT coaching in Bangalore, when EduQuest is there for you. It is an excellent SAT coaching in Bangalore. They have highly experienced teachers who work with the students in fulfilling their desired dreams in their SAT Preparation. Services provided by them are highly incredible. They don’t make you cram things but make you understand every concept thoroughly. When applying for SAT coaching in Bangalore, you should be clear about your demands and need.

In the following article, we have mentioned all details about the SAT exam, SAT Preparation, SAT Online Classes, SAT Offline Classes, and SAT coaching in Bangalore.


The scholastic assessment test also known as the scholastic aptitude test is an entrance exam that helps you to get admission into universities of the US. SAT exam is generally held in offline mode that is pen-paper mode. The language of the SAT question paper is English. The total time duration of the SAT exam is 3 hrs. and 40 minutes with an optional essay of 50 minutes.

There are no criteria for opting for the SAT exam. Anyone who wishes to fo their under graduation from other countries should give this exam. The SAT scores are widely accepted. You can easily get admission to the US, UK, Australia, and Canada if you have an excellent SAT score. If you admire to do specialization in only one subject then you should go for the SAT 2 exam.

The question paper consists of two major parts:

• Evidence-based reading and writing – the total score of this section range between 400-800. It is combined with a math score to find out the total SAT score.

• Mathematics – math consists of questions with a calculator and without a calculator. The total score of this section lies between 400-800.

• Optional essay – a contemporary passage of 600-700 words is given which has to be analyzed. The score of the essay is not counted in the total SAT score.

The following provides an idea about the number of questions and syllabus of each section.


• 65 minutes

• 52 standard multiple choice-based questions

• Passage based on grammar, the passage of historical events


• 35 minutes

• 44 standard multiple-choice questions

• Vocabulary, grammar, multiple-meaning words,


• 80 minutes

• 58 multiple choice questions with and without a calculator

• Algebra, advanced mathematics, trigonometry, data analysis, and reasoning

Essay (optional)

• 50 minutes

• 1 full question

• One passage of 600-700 world based on recent events

SAT fee in India:

For general SAT the exam- $101

For the SAT exam with an optional essay- $117

The College Board conducts the SAT exam five times a year in March, May, August, October, and December.


Good coaching can affect your overall SAT score majorly. It can increase your score and help you to achieve an outstanding score in your SAT exam. Following are a few things that you should look at before applying for SAT coaching in Bangalore and sit near your places:

• Consistency: the actual coaching process is not arbitrary, but it is consistent. The students should be able to understand the methodology and teaching methods of SAT teachers. They help you throughout your SAT preparation and provides you motivation and guidance to crack the SAT exam easily.

• Knowledgeable and excellent staff: the most significant feature of good coaching is that the staff and teachers should be highly excellent in their subject area. They should be able to inculcate proper Knowledge among students with their teaching methods.

• Flexibility: teachers should be able to adapt themselves in such a way that every student should be able to understand the concepts in the SAT Preps. Teachers should be willing to change their teaching methods when required. You should have a few demo classes before applying for SAT coaching in Bangalore or at any place.

• Cost of SAT courses: the most important point is to check whether the SAT coaching is within your budget or not. Go for coaching which doesn’t cost you much. There is no use in wasting your money on average SAT coaching centers.

• Credibility: look out the number of students who were able to crack their SAT exam from the coaching center in which you want to apply. Take reviews about their teaching methods from ex-students.


Nowadays, due to this pandemic, the demand for online classes has increased. Students are not ready to go into the physical classes due to health concerns. So, the demand for SAT online is more than SAT offline classes. Also, online classes save your time traveling. SAT online preparation is more convenient than the offline one. In online classes, you can get the recording of the sessions and can study at any time. You don’t need to be present for attending the class.

Whereas in offline classes, if you skip any session, then it becomes difficult to cope up into the next classes due to the missed topics. The SAT online is less costly than SAT offline. If there is no SAT coaching near your places then SAT online is the best choice for you. But every student has different needs. It depends on you where you are more comfortable studying. If you do not like to study in-crowd, then you should opt for SAT online. While for those who love to study in physical classes, should go for SAT offline coaching

Harikesh Chauhan

Harikesh Chauhan

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