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The Best Outdoor Rock-Climbing Destinations For Beginners

The Best Outdoor Rock-Climbing Destinations For Beginners

Climbing is an excellent way to keep the mind and body in peak condition. The activity forces you to use reasoning and determination to overcome the vertical obstacle in front of you. Yes, it's a workout, but it also serves as a metaphor for how to succeed in life, making the exercise even more useful and satisfying. Climbing opportunities abound throughout the world, from bouldering to sport climbing to conventional climbing to ice climbing.

Some climbers prefer sport climbing OR outdoor rock climbing on perfect tufas with stunning views of the ocean. Others would swear that perfectly smooth granite walls in idyllic woodland settings are the best. Traditionalists can only recognize massive walls in alpine environments, while modern bouldering nerds will swear that slapping flawless sandstone slopers is the only way to go.

It's difficult to pinpoint the very best rock climbing spots in the world due to the variety of disciplines. However, if you add up the favorites from all areas of the sport, you'll get the list we've put together — a collection of the best rock you'll find anywhere on the planet, no matter what your jam is.