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5 basic rules for building a basic wardrobe

5 basic rules for building a basic wardrobe

What things make up a basic wardrobe?

A basic wardrobe is considered the most ingenious and simplest idea in the entire fashion world. It makes it possible in just one fell swoop to solve questions like “I have nothing to wear”, “shelves are full of things, but I don’t want to think about what to wear”, “it’s all out of fashion” and so on.

By and large, the basic wardrobe is a set of classic, and, as practice shows, affordable wardrobe items that go well both with each other and with other clothes that are already in the wardrobe.

5 basic rules for choosing clothes to form a basic wardrobe

With just a few basics, your wardrobe will be updated in a matter of hours. Our advice will allow you not to spend too much money on beautiful, but not practical and uncomfortable things that will remain in the closet for years without ever being dressed. Ready for a makeover? Moreover, it is spring outside the window and now, more than ever, you want any changes.

1. All things should fully correspond to your lifestyle

Of course, you can stare at floor-length evening dresses, wear sweatpants and sneakers, buy a dress and never wear white tank top jumpsuit.

The main essence of a basic wardrobe is that, first of all, it should be as comfortable as possible, both practically and psychologically. That is, it should be such that you can combine clothes, shoes and accessories without hesitation, and get comfortable and stylish looks in any combination.

If you are a young mother or lead an active lifestyle, then, most likely, the main thing in your wardrobe will not be a classic pencil skirt, as well as high-heeled shoes. But if you are a business businesswoman, then it is not at all a fact that you will feel comfortable in fashionable ripped pants in combination with sneakers.

In general, you should not spend money on something that does not correspond to your attitude and puts you in awkward situations.

2. All wardrobe items should be such that you can put them on right now

If you say to yourself “what if they invite me to a business meeting and this very strict suit will come in handy” - you are deceiving yourself in advance. The deception also lies in the words, when you buy any thing, thinking that you can wear it as soon as you lose weight. Of course, if such an element of the wardrobe serves as a kind of motivation for you, then it has a place to be in the closet. Otherwise, refuse such a purchase.

This is not about never losing weight, going to a business meeting, and so on. Of course, you will succeed. The problem lies in the fact that all such external changes are accompanied by internal changes. Most likely, by that time, both your taste and fashion trends will change, and therefore it not a fact that chic jeans that seem to have made especially for you will be a joy to you.

3. The basic thing should have a style that suits you, and not stylish and fashionable.

This rule is especially important for the formation of a basic wardrobe. Fashion changes every season, or even more often, trends change one after another, and "your" styles, colors and style remain with you for a long time. Moreover, universal and classic items are always in fashion.

Buy only what will best emphasize the dignity of your figure and it is beneficial to hide all the flaws. But a fashionable and stylish zest can always added to any look with the help of accessories.

4. The thing must be made of quality material

The basic wardrobe is such that it will last for you at least several fashion seasons, or even several years. That is why, pay special attention to the quality of the fittings and the main fabric itself. It should be such that it can withstand numerous washings, ironings and socks of different activity.

By the way, as never before, all clothes from Belarusian manufacturers will do. Such companies use only natural fabrics for production, and the sewing of clothes carried out on high-tech, modern equipment.

Even the whitest blouse from the Belarusian manufacturer will retain its bright color after a dozen washings. Moreover, colorful clothes will not shed, under the right washing conditions will not shrink, and will also retain their original qualities for as long as possible.

And most importantly, the Belarusian knitwear is so pleasant and soft to the body that, having bought such a blouse at least once, you simply won't want to exchange it for synthetics.

5. Each new item you buy must be combined favorably with at least three old wardrobe items

If on the go in the store you can't imagine with what you could combine this or that thing with those that you already have, it is better to postpone the purchase or abandon it altogether.

If you really like the clothes, come home and think in front of the closet with what you would wear them. Feel free to photograph clothes in the store, but you can ask permission beforehand. It is possible that you do not remember all the things from your closet thoroughly. If, after coming home and looking at your wardrobe, you find things with which you get interesting combinations, you can safely go shopping.

But there may be exceptions when you plan to buy another item for this thing, and they will go well with each other.

Of course, you do not need to buy everything at once: follow the above rules and do not waste money on something that is definitely not useful or suitable for you. Approach your choice wisely, and not only with the thought “I want”, and then in your closet there will be more space for really valuable items of clothing.

Ahmad Trend Addictors

Ahmad Trend Addictors

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