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What Are The Causes Of Plumbing Leaks?

What Are The Causes Of Plumbing Leaks?

Occurrence of household leaks so often is quite normal! But isn’t it pivotal to know the exact reason for its frequent occurrence? You may be definitely curious to know if there is something wrong with your pipes or installation. But actually the answer is there is nothing as such. 

Household leaks are clear indication of wear and tear and consequence of old set ups. Before they result in any wreaking havoc and your emergency plumber reaches you, here’s how you can tackle a leaked pipe!

Common reasons of plumbing leakages  

Eventually, over the course of time every pipe gets leaked due to cracks and wear and tear. Hence certain factors are there which can trigger up its occurrence leading to leaked pipes at an early stage. Such factors are discussed here:

Broken seals

The pipes are joined with the help of sealants and seals to continue the pipe line to the desired position. If somehow, a seal gets broken down or wears out with time then it may lead to a leaked pipe with tripping flow of water from the particular joint.


Clogged drains resulting in backing up of the water which exert high amount of pressure to the wall of the pipes. As a result, it gets cracked after sometime causing leakage. If not fixed on time, it leads to broken pipe creating a huge mess in your property leaving no choice except to hire an emergency plumber.


Due to deposition of rust the interior wall lining of the pipes gets corroded over time. But this can occur faster with high pressure of water flow through it. Once it gets corroded it will fail to bear such extreme water pressure causing leakage or broken pipes at the corroded part. 

Effective ways to prevent the development of plumbing leaks

Proper care and maintenance of the plumbing system is the best way for the prevention of plumbing leaks. Moreover, plumbing system repairing is the easiest task to commit by the professional plumbers.

You have to call for an emergency plumber when any such situation arises in your property. Search using ‘local emergency plumber near me’ online so that you can get in touch of a reliable one to fix the leaks on an immediate basis. Until, follow the below-mentioned effective ways for the prevention of plumbing leaks:

Avoid using of chemical drain cleaners - Although it seems a rapid fix for clogged drains yet it is really harmful for the drainage system. Pipes are clogs are different from one another in terms of nature. Frequent using of chemical cleaners corrodes the inside wall of the pipes causing them to leak. Over time, it can lead to broken pipes as well.

Don’t use the drains as a garbage dump - In most cases plumbing leaks occur due to flushing down of hard and solid substances in the drains. They are not biodegradable and become extremely hard leading to clogged drains. Over the time, it influences the pipes to crack letting the water dripping from it. 

What steps to take after finding plumbing leaks?

Luckily sometimes the leak is all about a loose fitting which can be fixed by tightening the fixtures or joints. For that you have to take the assistance of a plumber’s wrench to ensure it has been tightened properly.

But if there burst line, fracture of hairline cracks leaks then you won’t be able to repair it on your own. In such situations, you have to call out an experienced local plumber.

Even broken pipe can be tackled by them in an efficient manner without making a mess in your property. Afterwards they will inspect the entire plumbing system thoroughly to detect any future risk of leaks. These days plumbing services are both money-saving and time-saving in the long run.

Plumbing leaks emergence is quite natural. Sometimes, it occurs frequently when you must know it is a serious matter which must be taken into account as early as possible before it creates any annoying situation.

Never leave a leakage issue unfixed for over a long time as it can turn into a major one progressively. Always keep the contact number of your local plumber handy to hire them immediately whenever there is an emergency.

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