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Maximize Safety in Children Play Area by Installing Rubber Flooring

Maximize Safety in Children Play Area by Installing Rubber Flooring

Have you ever thought of rubber flooring for a playground for children? Although the rubber flooring is expensive, it is worth the investment. Injuries due to the rough surface may be life-threatening to kids and thought torture to their parents. And the injuries due to the hard floor surface may turn severe and disabling. Hence, a great precaution can be taken to eliminate the injuries bearing in mind that you can’t prevent the kids from falling; however, you can make a ground friendlier. Rubber flooring for children playground bring safety to the children and eliminate injury worries for the parents.

Types of Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring for Playground can be divided into three types, including

Rubber floor tiles

These types of surface materials are best suitable for the playground to those who are looking for floating floor sports ground. The tiles can be fixable without using adhesives or double-sided tapes.

Rubber floor mats

These types of surface materials cover ample space without installation. Such mats are quite common along the entrance of the building in order to prevent slip and falls accidents.

Rubber floor rolls

Rubber floor rolls are the generally large sheet that can be installed in stripes. They can be installed directly on the surface of the new floor or onto the existing flooring.

Top Advantages of Rubber Playground Floorings


Rubber is a resilient flooring material that can last up to 20 years if proper care and maintenance are provided. It can withstand several types of conditions. Regardless of the type of rubber or tile, rubber flooring is highly famous and most preferred playground flooring material.


Rubber tiles are easy to install due to some elements, including the interlocking edge and pin system that holds the tiles together. Rubber tiles are generally soft and can cut and fix easily. Other options, like glue-down, are also available.


They are recyclable when old. Recyclability is something that makes the use of rubber floor sustainable in nature.

Water- resistance

Rubber flooring is water-resistant. It can avoid water damage. This property makes it ideal for outdoor flooring. In addition, its water-resistant nature makes it easy to clean.


This flooring is soft to feel and cushioned to prevent any type of injury due to fall. In addition, it can provide the traction necessary to maintain the grip. It is also ideal for playing, walking, and sitting.


Unlike other types of hard floors like ceramic, rubber flooring is elastic, thus make them quiet to walk and play on.

Easy to maintain

Rubber flooring needs no resources in maintenance. You can use water-soluble wax to strip and apply in order to prevent staining of the rubber. All you need to do is to damp mop to make your floor clean.

These are some of the amazing benefits of installing rubber flooring. Now, let’s discuss some of the disadvantages of rubber flooring so that you can make the right decision of installing.


As said earlier, rubber flooring is quite expensive and can only be affordable to a small market segment. Smooth surface rubber floors can be slippery and can cause slip and fall hazard.

Tough to stain

Rubber flooring materials are tough to stain, but some strong abrasives, as well as detergents cleaning liquids, can leave an impact on your flooring. Hence, checking on the guidelines of manufacturers for such material can help in reducing the incidences of staining.

When it comes to installing rubber flooring, it is important to choose a reliable company in your region. Use the internet to find the right company.



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