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DIY or Professional: Which Is Better Steam Cleaning for Your Carpet?

DIY or Professional: Which Is Better Steam Cleaning for Your Carpet?

Carpet cleaning is a daunting chore to perform on a daily basis. But it should be carried out at a course of time when the carpet losses its performing ability, original look and feel. However, cleaning frequency is relied on the basis of traffic and its type. Certain carpet needs to be cleaned once in a few years.

It is not only pivotal for stain removal but also it persist its lifespan in the long run. Now many people opt for DIY cleaning while some switch to professional cleaning. Continue reading this blog to know which is most essential and effective for your carpet!

Frequency of carpet cleaning

If you want to prolong the performance and look of carpet in the long haul then it is imperative to clean at an interval of 12 to 18 months. Also, you can determine the time window on the basis of the traffic of your home. However, frequent cleaning guarantees the lifespan of the carpet and its retention of look, feel and performance for a long period of time.

Nylon carpet

Daily cleaning is not essential for every carpet type! It is necessary only for the nylon carpets as it is rich in hydrogen molecules and its resiliency is directly proportional to it! Foot traffic can flatten down the fibres and molecules which affect its resilience.

With cleaning the molecule reactivates easily letting the fibres to be bouncy once again. Apart from reviving the carpet it will enhance its performing ability simultaneously.  

So-called ‘steam cleaning’ and hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is the key method used by most professional cleaners to clean a carpet. Many people incorrectly called it steam cleaning and it slightly differs from that! Basically, in this method, application of hot water is administered via spray.

Then, it is absorbed with the help of the machine along the dirt and dust trapped in the carpet’s surface. Moreover cleaning solution is mixed with the hot water to spray for the removal of soil and stains from the carpet at the same time.

An actual steam cleaning procedure is completely different than that of this! But, nowadays, people accept that hot water extraction is actually similar to that of steam cleaning and it is the most typical carpet cleaning method.   

Professional steam carpet cleaning

A portable machine or a truck-mounted unit is mainly used by the professional cleaners. It comes with a number of benefits including using compatibility with condo buildings and apartments where truck-mounted machinery doesn’t fit in.

In contrary to portable unit, track-mounted unit is much more powerful and offers maximum efficient cleaning. Find out a ‘company for professional carpet cleaning near me’ online to get the job done in most effective manner with no hassle.

DIY steam carpet cleaning

Plenty of DIYs (Do-it-yourself) options are there to steam clean your carpet. In fact, you can opt for any steam cleaning machine on purchase or rent as well to perform this daunting task. As abundance of options are available there in the market, if you skip the hiring of professionals then you can pushing yourself into great trouble in near future.

In case, your home is susceptible to spills and accidents then owning a small cleaning machine is a worthy investment to deal with it. Otherwise, for normal cleaning of the whole carpet you are advised to hire a professional as they can deal with it in more efficient way.

Risks associated to DIY cleaning procedure

Basically, water heating via DIY is not done at similar temperature to that of the professional machines. As a result, it can’t clean the carpet effectively and end up with leaving a bulk amount of residue behind. Moreover, these aren’t so powerful if compared to the professional machineries at the same time. This clearly means as much water can’t be extracted from your carpet by using it.  

If cleaning is done in the most appropriate manner, then it will remain damp slightly. A wet carpet is the clear indication that the machine is not powerful to clean and dry it up properly.

At that time, make use of fans for the acceleration of drying speed. Make sure that it remains on until it gets dried up completely. Don’t replace any furniture prior to the complete drying of the carpet.  

Other components like carpet shampoo amount can be easily added in the machine which can interfere with it. Certain other techniques can also go wrong in DIY cleaning technique which is why it is better to rely on the professionals.

Concern about saving money

If there is any concern regarding saving money or tight budget then hire the professionals only to clean the carpet in the high traffic areas. It includes the carpet laid close to bed and sofa. Carpets in these areas have sections hidden under the furniture which don’t get sun, light and dust exposure. This means those spaces don’t need to be cleaned so often in contrary to exposed areas. But if the furniture is moved around often then you have to clean the whole area of the carpet which will not be cost-efficacious at all.

Remember, your carpet can give best performance while reflecting its look and feel in your home if proper care is taken. Proper care and maintenance can be only ensured with the help of professional steam cleaning. So, which will do you prefer next time- DIY or professional steam cleaning?

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