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Why You Should Avoid Back Surgery?

Why You Should Avoid Back Surgery?
Back pain is unarguably the number one factor that disrupts our physical movement. 

What do you think are possible remedies to it? Most possibly, it can be an exercise, physical therapy, spinal manipulation, or surgery. Back pain treatment near me is still a dilemma in most of the people. There are some people who treat it with some exercise, but now thousands of people opt for back surgeries. People think that it is a permanent farewell solution to back pain. But, unfortunately, it is not. 

Despite the surgery, many peoples’ back pain gets even worsen with time. 

Many people assume that surgery can help them remove the pain, but actually, it removes the element that causes pain. And more importantly, most back pain does not necessarily require surgery but a little care and therapy.

Avoiding Back Surgery:

There are many reasons due to which you should avoid preferring surgery to treat back pain. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1- Surgical Trauma:

Surgical trauma is a kind of trauma produced due to surgery. Though there are different kinds of back pain surgeries, all of them, one way or the other can further cause suffering. In the backbone surgery, the surgeon may cut the layers of tissues to remove the budging disc- the culprit of back pain. Thus it is conceived by the brain same as breaking it in an accident. It, therefore, ends up in worsening the pain even further.

2- Temporary Results:

Though the surgery helps in relieving the lower back pain, the doctors say, that the results are temporary. These results never last forever and the patient has to bear the same or extra pain in the future. Even if the surgery does not cause instant trauma, you may have to complain about the extended pain in the future.

3- Not All Back Pain Requires Surgery:

There is the chance that your pain may fade away with some exercise, spinal injection, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory(NSAIDs) medicines, healthy diet, and physical therapy. Knowing the potential and extent of back pain is the utmost thing that you should know. It is, hence, very crucial to identify and take the steps before the pain becomes chronic.

How To Avoid Back Surgery?

The only way to avoid back surgery is to taking conservative treatments. These treatments can numb the pain and control the swelling and inflammation of affected tissues. Some of the basic conservative treatments are:

1- Applying ice or heat

2- Doing Exercise

3- Physical therapy

4- Consumption of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory(NSAIDs) medicines.

5- Healthy diet

6- Spinal Injections

When To Opt For Back Surgery?

Though it is completely unnecessary, there are cases when you can opt for surgery. You should always prefer surgery when other methods, conservative treatments, have absolutely no impact on the pain. I will also recommend you to wait for the results wit conservative treatment because it may take time. If they still do not give any results you can opt for back surgery.

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