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How is Azure Fundamental Certification Training Useful?

How is Azure Fundamental Certification Training Useful?

To achieve the Azure Fundamental Certification, you need to pass the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. The learning path of this certification training is specially designed to provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of Microsoft Azure concepts. Passing this exam will earn the Azure Fundamentals certification.

The usefulness of Azure Fundamental Certification:

It effectively tests your knowledge of Microsoft Azure in 4 subjects. These subjects are explained in the following sections. They are namely computing, networking, storage, and database. You will also get familiar with security, privacy, trust, and compliance. Go through the sections below to understand what’s covered in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:

Topics covered:

  1. Understanding cloud concepts
  2. Overview of core Azure services
  3. Core Azure security, privacy, compliance, network, and trust
  4. Learn about Azure pricing and support

Targeted Audience:

  1. Individuals willing to obtain a basic understanding of Azure fundamentals
  2. Candidates preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-900 exam
  3. Those interested in working in a quasi-technical role using Microsoft Azure
  4. IT Professionals who want to learn the basics of cloud security solutions that are accessible in Microsoft Azure
  5. Buyers or sellers of cloud-based solutions and services


  • Essential technical knowledge and knowledge of hardware components
  • Fundamental understanding of Data Center
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing
  • Understanding of Azure Portal is recommended (not mandatory)

Learning Path:

  1. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  2. Introduction to Azure services
  3. Starting your first Windows Virtual Machine
  4. Overview of Core Azure Storage Products
  5. Overview of Core Azure Networking Products
  6. Microsoft Azure Security Solutions
  7. Azure Pricing and Support

1. Introduction to AZ-900 Exam:

The first section of this Azure training offers a basic understanding of the pre-requisites for passing the Microsoft AZ-900 exam.

  1. The subjects included are:
  2. Basics of cloud concepts
  3. Brief on core Azure services
  4. Understanding security, privacy, compliance, and trust
  5. Details Azure pricing and support

Initially, the course discusses the fundamental cloud concepts. A beginner with no knowledge of the cloud can learn these concepts easily. You will be introduced to different types and advantages of cloud computing. The later section highlights the fundamental Azure services like computing, networking, storage, and databases. Subsequently, you will get familiar with Azure privacy, security, reliability, and compliance. Lastly, you will learn about Azure pricing and support.

2. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing:

When you learned the basics of cloud computing, you can be eligible for the Azure Fundamental Certification. You will get a solid foundation and understanding of every cloud concepts that are important to learn.

  1. This section covers:
  2. Meaning and in-depth understanding of Cloud Computing
  3. Fundamental concepts and benefits of Cloud Computing
  4. Proper understanding of the implementation of Cloud Computing concepts using the relevant industry models

3. Introduction to Azure Services:

Any business can greatly benefit from a collection of Microsoft Azure services. These services are extremely useful to deploy, host, and manage applications. It is not mandatory to have your own data center. This is because Azure executes in Microsoft’s data centers globally. To thoroughly understand how to use the Azure service, you can sign up for a free trial for Microsoft Azure from the official website.

  • Introduction to Azure Services covers:
  • Highlight on some major Azure services in various categories
  • Implementation and how to use the Azure Portal
  • The use of Azure command line

4. Starting Your First Azure Virtual Machine (Windows):

This hands-on lab emphasizes the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) component of Azure. After thoroughly conducting this lab, you can launch your foremost Windows Virtual Machine (VM) very quickly. Make sure to install Remote Desktop (RDP) client software on your local machine.

5. Overview of Core Azure Storage Products:

Without having knowledge of core Azure storage products, you cannot understand all fundamentals of Azure. Once you learned its core storage products, you can quickly learn about other Azure products in the future.

  • This section covers:
  • Overview of Core Azure Storage Products
  • Comparison and assessment of core Azure products provided for disk, file, blob, and archive storage
  • Creation of blob storage containers and blobs in Azure storage accounts
  • Choice of relevant Azure core storage product to use for familiar storage circumstances

6. Overview of Core Azure Networking Products:

For an assortment of networking functions, there are various networking tools that Azure provides. The present section helps you go through the Microsoft Azure Portal. Moreover, you can get an understanding of crucial Azure networking services. You can learn multiple Azure networking services.

  • In this section, you will learn:
  • Properly browse diverse networking services in the Azure Portal
  • Basics of networking services provided from Azure
  • Understanding different circumstances where the Azure networking services prove useful

7. Microsoft Azure Security Solutions:

Without considering Security, it is not possible to excel in cloud computing. Microsoft deals with the Azure Platform with security as the key consideration. From this section, you will learn the advantages of Microsoft Security functionalities. Also, you can know about services available to deploy efficient security practices for any business.

  • The Microsoft Azure Security Solution covers:
  • Introduction to the shared responsibility model
  • Security of Azure resources
  • Azure security services and technologies
  • Administration of your Azure resources using Azure Security Center

8. Understanding Azure Pricing and Support:

From this last section, you can know what are the available Azure subscriptions and their types. You will be presented with available choices to save significant money while working on Azure deployment. The later part of the section discusses the pricing and metering expenses of Azure services. You can learn the overview of the Service Level Agreements available for certain Azure services.

  • The topics covered are:
  • Microsoft’s Azure pricing
  • Azure subscriptions and subscription types
  • Costs for subscriptions planning and control
  • Azure support options
  • Azure’s service lifecycle
  • Microsoft’s Service Level Agreements 

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