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How to Store Vehicle Carefully in UAE

How to Store Vehicle Carefully in UAE

Have to leave your vehicle for a long time but want it to be in a stable condition? We've got you covered. It has happened with almost everyone that whenever they have to leave your vehicle for an extended period may be due to a vacation, you have to get it serviced after you come back.

However, with this guide, you can keep your car in a running condition no matter how long you're leaving for. CarSwitch, where we have the authentic car value calculator, brings you useful tips for this matter.

Give attention to spark plugs

Before leaving your car for a long time, remove the spark plugs and apply a bit of oil in the plug sockets prior to putting them in again. This step will avoid the rusting of the component by removing any moisture.

For further protection, you can utilize the fuel additives which add a coating on the inside of the engine. You should carry these steps out only if you're capable of handling mechanical parts. Otherwise, hire someone else to do it.

Don't engage the hand brakes

If you leave after engaging the hand brakes, the brake pads will be stuck to the drums or discs. If this occurs, you will face difficulty in driving. For this purpose, it is advised to utilize wheel chocks such as a brick or a part of wood. This will prevent it from rolling and leaving in the initial gear.

Park inside

This seems pretty obvious. Nothing is safer than placing your vehicle inside as it will shield it from the external environment. It will also keep it clean and maintained. In case you don't have any place to park indoors, get a good quality cover. The cover should be applicable on your car type and model.

Moreover, do not use the cover inside because it will cause moisture problems especially if the weather is humid.

Fill up the fuel tank

The biggest fear of leaving the car is having rust on the inside of the fuel tank. This nightmare can be avoided by filling the fuel tank completely with a high quality petrol. If you want to take it up a notch, add fuel additives as well. This will prevent any moisture from entering the tank and not let it rust. Lastly, make sure that the tank is properly sealed.

Maintain the battery

If you're departing for a long time, it is advised to remove the battery. If you want to avoid rusting on this component too, apply a thick coating of grease or petroleum jelly on the wire ends and terminals.

You should make sure that the battery has a complete water level and is properly charged. Place the battery in a dry and cool area. No sunlight should touch the battery either.

Clean the inside

The irresponsible drivers don't clean the interior before leaving. They even leave trash inside which causes rodents and rust to easily enter. It damages the seats, floor and everything. Therefore, it is crucial to properly clean the interior and spray freshener too.

Paint protection

If you're parking the vehicle outside, the paint has a risk of getting harmed even if you have the cover on. To avoid this damage, clean the exterior and remove the dirt or grime attached to the exterior. Afterwards, apply a coating of polish and wax. It will avoid the moisture.

Change or replace oil and filters

This is an essential step too. Old oil consists of metal fillings, moisture, corrosion and sludge. Therefore, change the oil and put in fresh engine oil plus new filters before you go. However, make sure to drive around the car a bit in order to circulate the oil inside.

Check the tires pressure

Before you go, make sure that the tires are properly inflated. This will avoid the cracking of sidewalls and flat spots. Remember to see the valves and valve caps as well if they have any leaks.

Wrapping it up

This concludes our brief guide on storing your vehicle in UAE when you have to leave for a considerable time period. For more information, you can visit CarSwitch where we let you sell any car in Dubai.
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