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How to Set Up a Console Controller with Gaming PC

How to Set Up a Console Controller with Gaming PC

People will agree that video games can impact a person’s life in a meaningful way and bring joy beyond imagination. The gaming community has grown to a massive 2.7 billion worldwide in 2020 and continues to grow exponentially. However, with the growing demand for a gaming console, not everyone can afford a PS5 or Xbox. Exactly why setting up a console controller with a gaming PC is an ideal way to enjoy the experience. You can connect with best gamethe Gamecube controller, Wii u controller, or even Nintendo switch controller to a gaming PC and enjoy the games.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate controller for a PC. In this guide, we will help you connect your console controller with a gaming PC.

How to Set Up a Console Controller with Your Gaming PC

Connecting your console controller to your gaming pc can be an easy task, but you need to consider some aspects before actually connecting your controller.

Hardware: If you want to avoid an entirely frustrating experience of slow processing and loading screens, you need to double-check if your laptop or PC meets the console controller's requirement. Devices with old hard drives or outdated processors cause lags and delays in processing data, which can ruin your gaming experience.

Interface: Linus, Windows, and macOS are advanced operating systems that can help you enjoy your games on your TV. Steam is considered one of the best digital distribution services in the market.

Another great practice is to buy a wireless controller if you don’t already have a console controller. With the rise in popularity of Bluetooth and wireless controllers, search for something wireless compatible with your device. Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite game while relaxing in their seat.

GameCube controller

You will need some ingredients downloaded on your PC before you start to set up Gamecube Controller on your PC. Besides a high-performance PC and the controller itself, you need Dolphine Emulator and Zadig program.

Here are easy steps by step guide for you:

1. Make sure the Dolphin emulator is closed on your PC

2. Plug the controller in the USB port of your device; for vibrations and wireless controls, plug two USB controller.

3. Download Zadig and start the program

4. Open the options and select “List of devices”

5. Select “WUP-028” from the drop-down menu. Make sure that the Driver is ” HidUsb,” and USB ID is ” 057E-0337

6. Select on Replace Driver

7. Select “Yes” to modify and then close to the finish

8. Open the Dolphin Controller and select “controls”.

9. In the display, the menu Port 1 and select Adapter for Wii U GameCube. Repeat the same procedure for more controls.

With these simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite games on your laptop with a controller.

Nintendo Switch Controller

You have two options to connect your Nintendo switch controller to your PC: wired and wireless. Wired is easy to connect, but wireless is just comfortable.

The wired option is pretty simple. You have to plug your switch Pro controller cable into any USB type port. Once Windows detect the controller, you can move to the stream setup.

With the Wireless option, you need to sync your laptop with the controlled. In order to do so, you need to hold the Sync button on the top of the gamepad until the light starts flashing. Once the Bluetooth window is open, connect the controller to the device. Now we can move to the steam setup.

Open up the Steam application and go to the Settings option. Click on the general setting option, which will open a full-screen window mode. Click ,"Switch Pro Configuration Support."

If the controller is connected, the mouse cursor will disappear, and you can use the controller to control for other mapping and toggling setup.

Wii u Controller

The setup might not be as easy as it sounds since you require Wii u controller to be switched on and your PC to run as a web server.

To run the PC as a web server, press Windows + Q and type “Window features”. When you are in the window features on and off result, check the box for, “Internet Information Services”¸ and make sure it is added. Now your PC is capable of functioning as a local webserver.

Next, type cmd in the Run option to open the command screen. Enter “ipconfig” to get all active network devices and IP addresses. Look for the IPv4 address of your home internet. Now, you need to go and download theGamePadtoPC.rar file. Keep in mind registration is important.

After you are done with the download, extract the contents, and open the index.html in a text editor. You need to change the IP address to your Pc’s local IP address, which you did a while ago—with that done, run regplugin.bat so that essential components are registered. You also need to run simpleserver.bat before the connections.

After switching on your Wii U, you have to navigate the files extracted in the folder named www root. The URL has to be opened at the pc.html page at http://localhost/wiiu/pc.html, which will help you configure controls. With that, you can use your controller on a PC.


Setting the controllers to the PC can be a little challenging, but it all simple and easy if you follow the simple steps mentioned above. In case you might not be able to follow the steps provided above and get stuck with a step, it is a good practice to search it up on Google or YouTube to help you ease the process. Visit- Esource Parts 



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