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If you visit pharmacies, you probably face queues, long product choices, and high prices. To book goods in advance, store purchase history, and choose drugs from fresh promotional offers - this is how customers of the federal network Pharmacy from a warehouse will be able to use the online medicine order app for iOS and Android.

Why an online pharmacy app instead of just one more outlet?

1. Improve the customer experience

An app allows your customers to communicate directly with you. It helps them save time and money through the discounts and incentives you can offer them. Your app can become a whole new channel for making known all the services that the pharmacy offers, whether it be an online order medicine app, shopping online, or making appointments.

Through an app, you not only create a new point of sale and contact, but you also have a tool available to improve your services substantially.

2. Replaces the physical loyalty card

More and more pharmacies with loyalty programs are aware of the need of customers who are more familiar with the technology to have their loyalty programs on a mobile app. Digitization can save on the cost of the physical card, allows instant and remote enrollment and real-time counting of points, and offers the ability to view all rewards.

However, the most important thing is that the app allows you to reach users at no cost immediately. You can thus send notifications to customers with marketing messages according to your needs, such as, for example, proposing particularly attractive offers for their birthday. Once again, an online medicine order app's benefits add convenience, convenience, and effectiveness to any pre-existing loyalty scheme.

3. It is an alternative payment instrument

Another unique opportunity that an app provides is alternative payment options. With an app, you can store credit card information or allow PayPal access to make your customers' shopping experience much easier.

4. Simplify your marketing

An app gives you a direct connection to your most loyal customers. Unlike emails, advertisements, or even social media posts that may go unnoticed, push notifications arriving on a smartphone are hard to miss. According to Pew Research Center research, 90% of cellphone users say they carry their phone "frequently." This is the audience your online medicine order app can reach. Include a mobile app in your marketing plan and send content that aligns with your special offers or promotions.

5. Improve brand loyalty and build lasting relationships

A mobile app is a perfect tool for your customers to have a complete shopping experience via their smartphone. You can send reminders, answer their questions and provide excellent ongoing service.

6. Allows you to stand out from the competition

Pharmacies that have apps put the focus on low-cost offers for the consumer. If you're not already using an online medicine order app, it's time to question yourself and start emerging from the group. If you love functionality and design, work with a developer to create an app that mirrors your website.

Alternatively, use the app as an opportunity to reevaluate what's important to your customers. Remember that the key to an app's success is making it intuitive, easy to use, and a resource that can provide added value.

7. Increase brand recognition and gain customers

An app will help keep your brand in evidence. With a smartphone in hand, every user who downloads your app will have easy access to your content. And you can send notifications about your pharmacy. Mobile apps also help strengthen relationships between patients and pharmacists by providing an additional resource to connect and search for information.

A well-designed online medicine order app improves access, makes the brand appreciated and trusted. This recognition can be of great help in a very important marketing flow for local pharmacies: word of mouth. Offer your customers incentives to share the app with their friends and start building your brand right away.

8. It is a showcase for your products and services

Brochures and catalogs are usually the way to show what the pharmacy has to offer. But an app takes this proposal to the next level: similar to a website; it allows you to choose which products or services to promote and modify them regularly.

Dynamic content is extremely important in keeping customers engaged. This online medicine order app can also make products easily available to your customers with simple purchase options.

It is much more convenient to search for information in a mobile application, and here's why: the mobile application is more stable and faster than the website, and also allows you to fully use the hardware capabilities of the smartphone, for example, quickly scan the barcode of a product to search in the nearest pharmacy.

The application "knows" the customer and will help to form orders from the purchase history quickly.


The development of a pharmacy chain application and having an online medicine order app is a long-term investment in developing a channel for attracting a fast-growing mobile audience and increasing the loyalty of the existing customer base. We wish the project multiple growths, thousands of orders, and new grateful customers.

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