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5 Major Reasons Why Villas Are Becoming Popular in Abu Dhabi

5 Major Reasons Why Villas Are Becoming Popular in Abu Dhabi

It goes without saying that villas offer an ultra-exclusive lifestyle. It’s the dream of many to own a lavish villa in the capital city of the UAE – Abu Dhabi. Particularly, in recent years, the popularity of villas has increased tremendously.

This has resulted in the launch of exclusively new villa-only neighbourhoods and developments in Abu Dhabi. For example, Al Ghadeer, located in Al JarfAl Ghadeer, has gained rapid popularity. A project by Aldar Properties, you can find luxurious Al Ghadeer villas adorned with state of the art amenities and facilities.

Coming back to the popularity of villas, there’s not one but many reasons why these dwellings are becoming favourite among property seekers in Abu Dhabi. In this post, we have discussed the top 5 reasons among them. Take a look at them:

Bigger, Spacious Living Spaces

One thing that lacks in studios and apartments in space. Particularly, studios are smaller in size. Thus, residents can feel congested. This is something you wouldn’t get to face if you are living in a villa. Villas, as we all know, are bigger and spacious. They feature more rooms; thus, they are more suitable for bigger families. Some apartments also have more rooms, but they aren’t exactly spacious.

Villas, on the other hand, have separate dining and living rooms as well. Furthermore, some of them also come with a storeroom, open terrace and separate maid room.

Exclusive Amenities and Facilities

Latest apartment complexes come with state of the art amenities and facilities. However, they have to be shared with other residents of the building. This can lead to a privacy concern for some. Villa owners do not have to face such problems. Any facility or amenity that their property comes with, they have sole authority over it. For example, if there’s a swimming pool, they don’t have to share it with others, as is the case with an apartment building. Same goes for the lawn, terrace etc.

Similarly, there’s plenty of space available for them to create their in-home gym, BBQ deck etc.

An Exclusive Lifestyle

As stated above, villas are known to offer exclusivity. From their interiors to façade, everything depicts class and elegance. The villa lifestyle is further elevated because of the beautiful gardens and pools they come with. This is one of the major reasons why villas garner a lot of attention among home buyers.

Privacy Isn’t a Concern

Apartments surely promote a communal lifestyle, but sometimes, privacy is compromised. In some buildings, there are multiple apartments on one floor. Therefore, there may be a privacy concern for people. Furthermore, as stated above, people have to share their amenities. This further raises privacy concerns.

No such issue is faced by villa residents. A villa is usually surrounded by green spaces on all sides. Thus, there’s no chance for an onlooker peeking into the insides of the unit.

No Restrictions and Rules

Residential projects in Dubai have certain rules and regulations which residents have to comply with. For example, some projects do not allow residents to keep pets. Similarly, in some buildings, there are restrictions pertaining to making changes in the property. If any inhabitant is found not following these rules and regulations, they can get penalised.

With villas, there aren’t many restrictions to follow, provided you own the property. Tenants may have to follow some rules as mentioned in their contract or orally communicated to them by the landlord. Furthermore, there are some community guidelines as well, but they mostly relate to making structural changes to the property.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, buying a villa comes with a lot of perks. Of course, the price is on the higher side, but it’s completely worth it because of the amenities, facilities and comforts one gets to avail with it.

Having said that, it is important to know that you will only be able to live the best villa lifestyle if you have selected the right neighbourhood. So, do your diligence and find the best location. You can take the help of a property agent in this regard as well. However, ensure that they are experienced and certified before hiring them. 

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