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How To Fix Gmail Not Working On IPhone?

How To Fix Gmail Not Working On IPhone?

Gmail is a free mail service that allows its users to send and receive mails to not only Gmail itself but to and from all other mail services available. Gmail was successfully developed by Google and currently holds over a 1.5 billion user base (reported in October 2018). Gmail is easily accessible on smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. However, Gmail may not work on your iPhone or other devices for several reasons which we will discuss in this blog. We will also discuss how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone in this blog.

Causes of Gmail not working on iPhone:

1. Security:

Since Gmail consists of a vast user base and prioritizes keeping the privacy of its customers safe, security plays a significant role in the safe-keeping. The reason your Gmail account is not working could be security policies. This usually happens when you change your location from the original, and Google recognizes it as a threat to your privacy so it blocks the sign-in attempts upfront.

2. Connection:

Poor or no internet connection can hamper the application on your iPhone causing Gmail not working on iPhone

3. Update:

It is important to update your application as soon as a new upgrade is available as the new update may be causing Gmail to not work on your iPhone or any other device.

4. Storage on Gmail:

Another reason you may not be able to receive emails could be the maximum utilization of your Gmail account. When the storage on mail is full, it blocks other or new mails to be received.

5. Incompatibility of browser:

If the browser or the operating system you are using is incompatible with Gmail, it will cause Gmail to crash or not respond.

6. Cache:

The collection of cache or cookies on your device may be the reason for the malfunction of Gmail.

7. Incorrect credentials:

The most usual reason for Gmail not working on iPhone is the insertion of wrong or incorrect credentials i.e., username and password.

How to fix Gmail not working on iPhone:

Solution 1: Quick solution for how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone or any other device

  • Check and maintain a stable internet connection
  • Make sure you are inserting the correct username and password
  • Empty cache & cookies found in the “application info” section or “setting”
  • Try logging in on the Gmail application instead, if using a browser previously
  • Update your Gmail and/or iOS
  • Buy storage on Gmail for smooth running of the mail service

Solution 2: Alert-Check on your Gmail account

In order to determine how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone, alert-checking on your Gmail account may come in handy. As the Gmail application cannot provide complete information on why the problem occurs, it is recommended to use the browser on your iPhone, Ipad, Laptop, or any other device.

  • Open “Safari” or any other browser on your iPhone
  • Log in with your correct username and password
  • If using the browser on your iPhone, click on “Mobile Gmail Site” appearing in the bottom of the pop-up for a recommendation of Gmail App instead of Gmail Site (If you are using the browser on your laptop, skip this step)
  • Once directed to your account, check for an alert-box or email in your inbox which may display “We blocked a sign-in attempt” or “Someone has your password”
  • When you open that mail, look for the “Review your devices now” link present in the mail
  • In a list of all the devices previously used to log in to your account, identify the ones you have used and delete the others by clicking on the three dots right next to the name of the device.

Solution 3: Review activities on your account

Now if you haven’t received any such emails, it is recommended to check the activities on your account yourself. To do this, follow the steps:

Step 1 - After logging into the account, type www.myaccount.google.com on the URL

Step 2 - Select “Security” from the options listed on your left

Step 3 - Scroll down to find “Devices”

Step 4 - Identify your trusted devices and delete the rest for proper security

Step 5 - Verify your devices on Google

Solution 4: Remove and re-add your Gmail account

Another solution for how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone is removing and re-adding your Gmail account on your device. Sometimes such problems often occur because of the synchronization between the Gmail app and apple’s operating system. To re-synchronize the mail with the operating system, we can simply delete the Gmail account from the Gmail app and add it again. To delete the account, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to “Settings” on your iPhone

Step 2 – Select the “Passwords & Accounts” option on your screen

Step 3 – Out of the list of Accounts appearing on the screen, select your Google account

Step 4 – Now, select “Delete Account”

Now to add the account back, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go back to “Passwords & Accounts”

Step 2 – Select “Add Account” and select “Google” from the service providers’ list

Step 3 – Insert your correct credentials (username & password) and tap on “next”

Step 4 – Follow the instructions provided by Gmail and finally tap on “save”

Solution 5: Check IMAP

Another solution to how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone is checking if the IMAP is enabled on your Gmail account. IMAP, an abbreviation for Internet Message Access Protocol, is a technology widely used by Gmail and other mail service providers. IMAP stores the data on the cloud but allows the users to view, modify, forward, and other actions on the user’s device. If IMAP is turned off, it may be the reason for Gmail not working on your iPhone. To turn on the IMAP, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open Gmail on your laptop or computer, log into your account and select the settings logo on the top right

Step 2 – Select “View all settings”

Step 3 – From the list given horizontally right below “Settings”, find and select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”

Step 4 – In “IMAP Access”, select “Enable IMAP”

Solution 6: CAPTCHA reset

CAPTCHA reset, a lesser-known fix provided by Google temporarily unlocks some security features and allows new devices to connect without any hindrance.

Step 1 – Go to the CAPTCHA reset page

Step 2 – Input your username and password in appropriate boxes

Step 3 – Now, try logging in from your iPhone or iPad

Using this solution will help Google remember your device and will prevent blocking your account. This should resolve the problem – how to fix Gmail not working on iPhone.

If these solutions do not serve the purpose of resolving Gmail not working on iPhone or iPad, it is suggested to seek help from Google Support or Google customer care, easily accessible on www.support.google.com.

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