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9 Tips For Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

9 Tips For Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon has been in the market since 1994. However, this eCommerce website has seen significant growth during covid19. The pandemic has led people to stay at home and make remote purchases. That is why businesses like essay writing services UK style, and others with online presence have seen significant growth. If you are planning to establish a side income, then Amazon affiliate marketing program is your option. Therefore, we have created a list of 10 tips for best amazon affiliate marketing program to help you upscale your business! 

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money from your blogs. Once you register on amazon as an affiliate marketer, you will be provided with a link. When traffic clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you will receive a set percentage commission. The best part about this is that Amazon will give you commission even if you have a link for car chargers, and someone buys a PC.

9 Secrets To Success

Most people fail to reach their goals due to a lack of motivation. Affiliate marketing requires patience. If you hold your stance, you will start making money. Nevertheless, with the psychological aspects done and dusted, you can leverage our technical tips now!

1. SEO is The Secret

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you need traffic. You can go for paid ads or take help from social media, but that would be a temporary boost. In marketing, it is known as the spike of hope and flat line of nope. You need consistency, organic ranking plays a crucial role in this. However, you would need significant backlinks from relevant domains as well.

2. Don’t Copy and Paste

Keep relevant websites on your target list. Monitor their traffic and growth but don’t try to copy them. Many affiliate websites are owned by well off businesses that have deep pockets. If you try to copy their strategies, it will be an uphill battle.

3. Check Category Wise Commission

Always check the profit before diving into any business. There is no point in putting in efforts when the reward is not worth it. Amazon has a different commission percentage for each product category. So choose wisely.

4. Check Product Price

Checking the product price will help you identify your profits per commission. If you choose a category where amazon offers 10% commission, then making sales of a $1000 product will get you $100 per sale.

5. Choose Expensive Products

Contrary to popular belief, choosing expensive products results in better affiliate marketing. This is because people tend to read reviews before buying expensive things. Your website could provide a detailed review of such products to facilitate customer purchases.

6. Use The Latest Tools

It is good that you are using SEO tools but to save time, you can use JungleScout and Helium10 as well. These are like the Ahref for Amazon, and you will get a good idea of the product you are targeting. These tools would display average sales, revenue, keywords, and much more!

7. Know The Traffic You Need!

To reach a set amount of profit per month, you need targeted traffic. Let’s assume you want to make $1000 per month. The formula for calculating this would be

Monthly Goal/(Avg Prod Price x Category Commission x Avg Affiliate Link CTR x Avg Commission Rate)

8. Find Sites To Monitor

When you have all the above information, all you need is to find sites to monitor. Make a quick search on google with the product category you highlighted and run the domain link on Ahref. You will get the details of monthly traffic. Keep eyeballing the sites and make it your benchmark.

9. Niche Down Further!

It is best to know about the competition before you start any business. Otherwise, you can spend years on your website just to make $100, and that is demoralizing. For instance, if you are targeting smartwatches, then it is best to plan for Samsung smartwatch or apple. This will help in ranking on Google’s first page.

Ending Note!

Making money on Amazon is everyone’s dream. However, turning it into reality is where most people fail. You can try all the tricks mentioned above, but success won’t come unless you are consistent. Staying motivated only works if you are interested in your niche. 

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