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5 Essential Tool You Need For Amazon FBA

5 Essential Tool You Need For Amazon FBA


1. Hunt For The Right Product! 1

2. Find The Estimate Revenue 1

3. Reconfirm The Keyword Searches 2

4. Reprice Your Items! 2

5. Keep A Tab On Your Inventory 2

Wrapping It Up 2

The first trillion-dollar company has swept the world by a storm. Enter Amazon, the king of E-commerce stores currently harbors 2.5 million sellers on its website. Recently Amazon has started web hosting services for top-tier websites such as Netflix. Now the trillion-dollar giant has seen a magnificent boost just like marketing dissertation writing services in the UK. If you are new to the platform looking to build an extra source of income, then you are in the right place. Here you will know 5 excellent tricks to rank your product on Amazon!

1. Hunt For The Right Product!

Although Amazon is a marketplace where you can sell just about anything, it is best to find a product that will sell faster. To find a money-making product to sell on Amazon, you need to buy the necessary tools! The first purchase that you should immediately make is “Helium10”. It is an excellent tool that will help you discover valuable information about the product you are willing to sell. By making a quick search on Amazon, you can copy the ASIN number of the product you like and place it on Helium10 for hunting. The tool will tell you details such as,

• Keyword search volume

• Organic ranking

• CPR Giveaway

• Age

All this knowledge will help you understand how much you would need to invest before you start making a profit. The CPR giveaway tells you the exact number of products you should give away every day to rank your listing on the first page of Amazon!

2. Find The Estimate Revenue

Now that you have found a product, you can sell it's time to see how much other sellers are making from it. This is a straightforward step. All you need is Jungle Scout and its chrome extension (Sold separately) and search for your product on amazon. In a matter of minutes, Jungle Scout will show you the estimated revenue, sales, average daily sales, and average review. This is a necessary step to analyze whether your product would help you make the money you are aiming for or not.

Another thing to look out for in the sales graph on Jungle Scout. It will help you predict whether the product you selected is seasonal or has a steady sale. You should be aiming for consistency in this graph rather than jumps and falls.

3. Reconfirm The Keyword Searches

It is always best to double-check before making a hefty investment. The next tool you can use for confirming the keyword search volume is MerchantWorld. It would help highlight the search volume and country from where the keyword is being searched for. Since Amazon is spread almost in all parts of the world, you should know which market you are willing to invest in. Once you have the right keyword, ranking won’t be an issue since you would offer giveaways on the words people are searching for.

4. Reprice Your Items!

RepricerExpress is one of the handiest tools to rank your product on the first page of Amazon. Since the algorithm for amazon focuses on prices, it is necessary to keep up with the competition to have your product on the first page. If you have more than 10 products in your account, then repricing them every day will consume your time from other tasks. Why work hard when you can automate the task? RepricerExpress is capable of handling hundreds of products and reprice them in minutes.

5. Keep A Tab On Your Inventory

When you are working through Amazon FBA, the only thing you need to do is keep a check on the inventory. All other tasks, such as pick, pack, and ship, are handled by Amazon. So how do you keep a check on your level of inventory? The best way to do this is through, Amazon Seller Central App. With a few clicks, you can quickly see how much stock you have left in your inventory. The app also displays a percentage increase and decrease in your sales on a weekly and yearly basis. The seller central app also keeps a tab on the price your competitors are offering. So you know the market trends.

Wrapping It Up

Launching your store on Amazon might seem easy and fun, but it has a lot of complications. Once you invest in this business, you should either go big or go home! However, covid19 has made shopping on Amazon irresistible for customers who are quarantined. So this is the ideal time to start selling on Amazon!

Louis Arthur

Louis Arthur

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