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Tips for Ordering Fast Food Online

Tips for Ordering Fast Food Online

It would be an overstatement to say that fast food was always fast, even before the outbreak of the pandemic. But after the novel COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown situation, it is advised to stay in your houses as much as possible and avoid public meetings and gatherings. According to research and the precautionary measures in place, it is found that the infection has been seriously mitigated by practising social distancing.

All great things, it is hard to get fresh food these days.

Every state has put limitations and restrictions on hotels and food joints to limit their services to takeout and suspend dining in. So, food delivery is a viable option left.

In this post, we will discuss how you can order fast food online. Burgers and pizzas taste much better when you have them fresh and steaming. Although there is no evidence that food and food packaging can spread the virus, there is proof of otherwise. Here are some of the tips that can help you with ordering and savouring the fast food you love so much:

Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing is not limited to your meeting with people in your official and personal capacity. When you order food online, it is best to avoid meeting the courier in person. As mentioned earlier, there is evidence as to food and food packaging material could be a vector for COVID-19.

In light of these developments, courier companies and food joints have introduced options that can allow the customer to pay for the item online and then direct the delivery guy to leave the package at your doorstep.

If there are no specified options for contactless delivery or “Leave At My Door Delivery”, you can point out this option specifically to the representative of the food joint or the courier guy to drop the package at your doorstep, lobby, etc.

Throw the Trash Away

In the findings from CDC, FDA, and other competent authorities, a person is at risk of contracting a virus if he or she gets in contact with the surface that has the virus on it. There are misconceptions about paper and cardboard materials that they act as a buffer, or even in some cases repellant to the virus.

When it comes to using material and utensils that come with the packaging, researchers are of the view that they should be discarded without using or should be used after washing properly.

As opposed to the common myths, pathogens can survive on the cardboard and paper products for over a day and can be contracted when they come into contact with a host.

After you are done with eating and disposing of the trash, it is always best to disinfect counter-tops and shelves to make sure.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Forty seconds – it is the newly designated handwashing time that can save you from infection. There is no way you can be absolutely sure which is a sad reality. But you can keep yourself and the ones close to you by washing your hands frequently.

It should be seen as a starting point for the habit of hygiene and keeping clean. After washing hands, it is best to disinfect all the items and articles in the house that come into contact with several people. 

It includes:

● Bedding

● Couches

● Kitchen Accessories

● Countertops & Shelves

● Appliances

● Door Knobs & Handles

It is your duty to keep the indoors spick and span so that the residents can be safe from infection.

Tip Generously

Like all the workforce, delivery personnel are especially vulnerable to these new uncertain economic conditions. On top of that, they put themselves at risk most of the time in their duty hours and interact with different people to carry out their work.

As a general rule of thumb, a tip for an online order goes around 20% of the total bill when you order fast food online. It can go north if you want to and can afford to do so.

In times like this, it is always prudent to tip online and avoids giving out tip in cash because it would involve contact with another person. If you have no option to tip but to give cash, you need to wash or disinfect your hands right after handling the cash. Make sure you advise the other person to do so.

Support Local Businesses

Have you ever considered how much you are contributing to your local businesses when you order food through them?

During quarantine or lockdown, it is your responsibility as a community member to support local businesses. Chinese restaurants and other joints that are owned and run by far-eastern management are struggling more because of the misinformation and racism that has been ensured during these days.

Prefer to Order Directly from The Restaurant

Just like every other purchase, it is best to order your food directly to the joint and avoid third-party apps as much as possible.

The main reason behind this is that they can charge an extra fee for some features that have little to none importance in real life. Also, some food delivery companies are found in malpractices. So, order food without intermediates.

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