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7 Ways to Get High Quality Referrals and Clients

7 Ways to Get High Quality Referrals and Clients

If you own a business, then you obviously know the power of client referrals and the importance of keeping loyal clients. People will always talk about the experience they had with certain companies and it’s in your best interest that you channel such conversations in your favor.

Most people rely on recommendations from close friends and relatives when it comes to making decisions on purchases. This means that many of the marketing strategies used by companies may not be enough to attract prospective clients.

With that being said, here are some tips to get high-quality referrals and clients.

1. Make Use of the LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn will help you identify who exactly your clients know. In this situation, you are not simply asking for referrals but carrying out your own due diligence first.

This means that you will approach the client with information on the company or person you want to connect with. He or she will not have to go through the trouble of doing the thinking for you.

LinkedIn has an advanced peoples search feature that will help you with all of that.

2. Ask at The Right Time

This is especially important and timing can break or make your referrals program. Typically, many people would ask for referrals after the job is done at about that time they are sending an invoice.

However, the best thing to do is to wait for an opportune moment. It could be at that time when you have just submitted the first stage of a project and the clients seem quite happy about what you have done so far. This is when they are more likely to give quality referrals.

3. Offer a Reward Program

When it comes to referrals there is really nothing the clients get out of hunting new business for you except for the feeling of appreciation. A number of them will keep on sending referrals to your network but most will forget all about it as they go about with their work.

On the other hand, if the client has something to gain out of it they may actually make an effort. It doesn’t have to be something big.

All the clients want is to feel appreciated for what they are doing. You can offer discounts, vouchers and some items for them to collect. Make sure you offer something of value to them.

4. You can Create Different Avenues for Advocacy

There are times when some customers are not willing to give referrals. If that’s their wish there is no need to push the matter because you might be risking your relationship with them. Instead fall back and give them some space.

Once enough time has passed, try reaching out once more but with a different avenue for them to advocate for your company. It can be through testimonials or writing reviews.

All these are still ways in which they can help get more leads for your business.

Offer ways the customers can comfortably leave positive feedback about your company even if it’s not through them referring to others.

5. Include Forwarding Links Emails and Thank you Pages

In business, you have to look for ways to up your game and be one step ahead of the competitors. It’s not enough to simply ask for referrals from clients through calls or whenever they make a purchase.

You can create your offer emails in such a way that there is a link that the customers can share with others.

You can include something as simple as ‘Share with a friend’ and it may be enough to get you several leads. The same goes for the thank you pages.

Ensure your clients are able to easily share your resources with others and this is bound to get you some qualified connections.

6. Exceed the Client’s Expectations

Dazzle your clients and they will send referrals your way without you even asking.

For starters, your products or service have to be exceptional. Don’t give your customers a reason to complain. They should always be happy and satisfied with what you offer. This will not only earn you their trust but also their loyalty.

Go out of your way to delight them.

For instance, you can share their content on social media, help them achieve their goals and even cite them in your blogs. This will give them a reason to network on the good work that you have been doing.

7. Align Yourself with your Customer’s Values

First and foremost, find out what the clients value the most before you can proceed to ask for a referral. Afterward, align your acknowledgment with those values so that they will get an insight into the impact the referral has.

There are simple gestures that you can do which will make the clients feel you are more of business partners and not just a give and take.

Final Thoughts!

Always keep one thing in mind that quality matters and not the quantity. If you just have a few active and high-quality referrals, they can boom your business.

So, try to focus on building quality referrals.

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