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Challenges Bodybuilders Face During their Routine Life

Challenges Bodybuilders Face During their Routine Life

Everyone has their own fair share of challenges. Whether it be getting up for work every day or keeping up with bills and rent, there always is and always will be hurdles in life one has to overcome. Bodybuilders are not so different, they have the same problems as an average person. They may look strong and big but with all that muscle comes a lot of problems that the average sized man cannot understand. For example, they have to manage their time effectively so that they can work out in the gym for a longer duration. Similarly, they have to arrange legal steroids in USA.

On this note, let’s take a look at some of the challenges bodybuilders face during their routine life:


A bodybuilder will always have a planned cycle of energy intake. Typically, their diet is high-calorie while training and low-calorie during competitions. Due to this irregular change in diets, their body enters a phase known as low energy availability. This occurs then they are on a low-calorie diet. Specialists say this is a very dangerous stage and brings with it a lot of negative effects.

A particular report written in July 2018 by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism elaborates some of the effects of low energy availability. They are,

● Mental illness

● Hormone imbalance

● Muscle loss

Risk of Injury

The chances that a bodybuilder gets injured during a training session are very high. What’s interesting is that bodybuilders and golfers experience more injuries than people in any other leisure activity. The intense weight training is most likely to have some negative impacts on the body. It may weaken the bones and in extreme cases may cause a fracture or tear in the tissue.

At the time of a particular survey, it was reported that about 45 percent of athletes were injured at that time. Older bodybuilders have a higher risk of getting injured. The parts where injuries are most likely to occur are,

● Lower back

● Shoulder

● Elbow

● Knee

● Athletes also experience chronic pain due constant heavy weight training.

Dysmorphia and Social Anxiety

A majority of amateur bodybuilders and professional athletes experience what psychiatrists call muscle dysmorphia. A review by Psychology Research and Behavior Management in august 2016 shows that about 10 percent of male gym members suffer from this condition.

People who suffer from this condition obsess over the size and shape of their muscles. They believe that bigger muscles will make them look more manly and will attract the opposite sex. That is why they invest lots of money and effort on enhancing their masculinity. This leads down to the road of steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs. The belief that the bigger the muscles, the better, creates an insecurity in people and this fear can lead to social anxiety. They refrain from showing their body in the public like in public bathrooms or beaches.

Irritating Diet Planning

Most people need to worry about the three meals of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, not a bodybuilder. They need to follow a very strict and specific diet that contains all the nutrients the body needs to grow and nurture the muscles. They are required to prepare 5-6 meals a day for themselves, each and everyone containing a different type of food to make energy. This can become a very tedious and irritating task; bodybuilding is not really an easy lifestyle.

Furthermore, most bodybuilders tend to use anabolic steroids. But, it can be a challenge for them to find real anabolic steroids. And for this, they can rely on UGFreak - best steroid website.

Balance between professional and personal life

What bodybuilders realize much later on is that it is very difficult to keep a balance between your personal life and gym. Bodybuilding requires time and a lot of training, so athletes find themselves spending more and more time in the gym than with loved ones. Relationships are neglected and this often leads to fights and rifts between people. Relationships require time and attention. If all that time is given to work and the gym then problems may arise. Some partners may not be understanding as others and it may result in fights.

Bodybuilding requires a lot of training which means it requires a lot of time. A person who works then goes to the gym will not have the energy to socialize and interact with people. Which will make him lonely and depressed.

These are some of the main problem’s bodybuilders face in their routine lives. Sometimes it is too much and many give up due to problems like mentioned above. It is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and a very strong will to keep going

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