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How to Get the Best Price of Your Vehicle While Selling it Online

How to Get the Best Price of Your Vehicle While Selling it Online

Selling an old car is a troublesome task if you want the right price for your vehicle. The buyers will use their negotiation skills to take the price to the lowest. However, you can use some tips to ensure the negotiation ends up in your favour.

Earlier, people used to take their cars to a dealership to sell their vehicle. They were sometimes forced to take an unreasonable low price because of their monopoly in the area. However, there is no need to trust those dealership representatives because of the online platforms.

You can use numerous sites to sell your vehicle forthe desired amount or with an auction. Still, the right plan of action is required to strong-arm the buyers and sell the car in no time. Here, we will discuss some tips to sale your vehicle online and get the best price.

1. Put a Genuine Price

You can set any price for the vehicle if you are selling it online. However, only the reasonably priced vehicles attract calls from potential buyers. Therefore, try not to put an unrealistic price on the vehicle.

Always add £1,000-£2,000 to the final price for negotiations. You can take help from professionals to assess your vehicle and find its value. The mileage, condition, model, make, and accessories are the most critical factor in determining the vehicle’s price.

2. Select the Right Platform

You can save some efforts and negotiations with no result by selecting the right platform to sell the vehicle. Not every website has the same number of serious buyers. Therefore, focus on the quality of the audience, not the traffic.

Social media sites are promoting their store section by allowing users to sell different items. The websites dealing in cars only will help you find serious buyers and dealership. While you are at it, apply for car loans for bad credit to get pre approval before the car is sold.

3. Set the Priorities

You should understand the requirement of potential buyers before creating the profile. The vehicle has different specifications with a selling point for its audience. You need to emphasise the selling point while creating the profile.

Also, make a strategy based on your requirement as well. Use the auction sites and do some experiments if you want the best price. If you want an upgrade now, apply for direct car finance for bad credit.

4. Learn the Art of Negotiation

Your buyers will try to negotiate to save some money on the purchase. It may take some time to find common ground to close the deal. However, you can also use some old-school techniques to lead the negotiation.

Most importantly, you need to keep the discussion about the positive elements of the car. They will try to show some problem with even the most perfect car on the planet. Feel free to turn down the offer if it is below the genuine value of the car.

5. Take Payment Upfront

Many buyers will offer you cheque, demand draft, or some other form of payment that may take some time to transfer. You don’t have any security as they can quickly get away with the car. Therefore, take money upfront before handing over the keys to the buyer.

You can ask for cash or online transaction at the spot of exchange. Choose a public place to avoid any unfortunate incident because of their malicious intents. Say no to the buyer if you find something troubling about the conversation.

6. Prepare the Vehicle

Some minor repairs can help significantly increase the selling price of your vehicle. Start with cleaning the scratch from the exterior to capture some good photographs. Highlight the essential features that make it visually appealing.

Wash it from the inside as well before meeting the potential buyers. Fix anything that reduces the comfort or negatively affect the driving experience. You can take a guaranteed car finance for bad credit to cover the down payment loss because of repairs.

7. Take Quality Pictures

Pictures are critical for the success of your advertisements on online platforms. Good photographs attract more potential buyers with a better price for on-call negotiation. Therefore, You should spend some time and money on taking good pictures of the car. You should use a quality camera for the purpose, borrow a DSLR from some friend. Get your car washed up thoroughly before the photo shoot. Also, pay attention to the environment as it can enhance the photograph.

8. Get the Paperwork in Advance

The buyers will check the paperwork after the physical inspection of the car. You need to make sure every paper is in the file to create a sense of confidence. The file should also contain the receipts for tires, battery warranties, and service records.

Buyers will reduce the price if some important paper is missing. Therefore, create a checklist of all the required documents.

9. Remove the Personalisation

You may have personalised the vehicle with some stickers or air freshener to increase its appearance. But the buyers may not find the same sentimental attached to the personalised items. This may lead to some more level of negotiation between you two.

Therefore, remove any personalisation even before the photo session. Your job is to make it look neutral and out of the dealership. Do not confuse the accessories with the personalisation items as they help increase the price.


To sum up, you may not find the right price for a long time because of the market condition. Keep yourself calm and don’t sell it for an unreasonable price. Make some changes to strategy or price if you hit a roadblock. 

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