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Handy Tips to Prepare Your Car for Dubai Summers

Handy Tips to Prepare Your Car for Dubai Summers

Congratulations on getting your first car! Well, with summers just around the corner, have you done anything to prepare your car for the desert heat? Summers are harsh in the UAE, and one needs to take prior measures to ensure that their Dubai cars are prepared for the hot dry spell ahead.

Since you are a new car owner, here are a few basic things you need to do to prepare for the long summers:

Sound Air-conditioning Systems

You cannot let the heat get to your head when you are driving. When driving a car in Dubai, you have to ensure that your car is equipped with a well-functioning air conditioning system. Get the gas checked in the AC vent, get the blower cleaned and serviced. Get everything done in advance.

Always wait a few minutes to switch on the AC after starting the car.

Check Coolant System

Your car’s coolant system is responsible for combining water and coolant and circulating it so the engine and radiator’s temperature is maintained. Since many people opt for used cars in Dubai for their transportation needs, it is better to get the car thoroughly checked, particularly the coolant system. A faulty coolant system can lead to overheating issues in the engine.

It is advised to avoid long drives in the summers to avoid overheating issues.

New Battery

Since battery fluids evaporate a lot faster during Dubai summers, it is better to replace the car battery if you are using it for more than two years. If they are new, it is still advised to check the fluid and terminals. Corrosion on terminals could either mean that you need a battery replacement or the terminals need to be fixed.

In case of an acid-battery, get your car checked by a professional mechanic. Regular examinations could extend your battery life by 3 – 5 years. But due to extreme climate experts recommend battery replacement every 2 years.

Change Upholstery

This is important. Plush leather and rexine get heated up. It is better to get the upholstery of your car replaced before the summer hits. You can also buy temporary seat covers during the summers and switch back to the original once the weather gets cooler.

Check Tires

With the increase in heat, the tire pressure tends to fluctuate. Since it can happen overnight as well, it is better to plan. Poor tire performance can impact fuel consumption as well as engine performance. See that you get the wheel alignment and balancing well in advance.

Always keep an extra tire in the car. And get your tire pressure checked every week.

Get Tinted Windows

Getting the windows tinted can prevent your car interiors from getting heated up. You can use good quality tints as well as curtains or dark films. They can protect your car interiors from the scorching sunlight of the desert city.

That’s all. Apart from the above tips, see that you always use engine coolant. Keep vigilant on the engine temperature, ensuring both coolant and engine oil are at an optimum level. The radiator keeps the engine cool. Get the radiator checked for possible leaks as well.

Follow the above tips to prepare your car for the hot long summers of the Middle East. If you don’t own a car yet and are seeking a secondhand option, then look no further than Exotic Cars – a certified car dealership for pre-owned cars in Dubai.

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