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5 guarantees that every good construction company can offer you

5 guarantees that every good construction company can offer you

Do you dream of a new home, but do you dread administrative, technical and practical concerns? Then a key-to-the-door home seems to suit you. We have listed the five most important advantages.

1. No headaches

The general contractor or project developer takes care of the entire construction process. From the preliminary design to the final construction plan and from the structural work to the finishing. One Construction Company for the entire process. So you should not look for multiple contractors. You don't have to compare offers and you don't have to coordinate buildings. Moreover, you are sure of the end result and you know in advance that you meet all the rules.

2. Budgetary security

Your construction budget is what it is. So of course you want to avoid unexpected extra costs as much as possible. Therefore, price security is one of the main advantages of turnkey construction. Anne-Katrien and Nicky also confirm this. They built with a turnkey company and thus remained perfectly within budget.

Because the cost price is set contractually, you know in advance exactly what your house or apartment will cost. Note: if you change your mind during building, additional costs are always possible. Make good agreements with your construction company about this. And even better: be clear about your wishes and specific complaints during the design phase. This way you avoid a standard specification and you get numerical work tailored to your project.

3. Tight timing

No matter how well you do your best, in terms of timing, you (and your architect) will most likely have to give your thumbs up to a seasoned turnkey firm. Because the construction company follows the works from A to Z, often with its own employees, the construction period is kept to a minimum.

Count on one to one and a half years for a classic construction with a load-bearing inner cavity leaf and a facing brick. If you choose prefab, you are less dependent on the weather conditions and your house will be there within six months or even faster. Discover here which construction technique really suits you!

4. One point of contact

If you are building with an architect and one or more contractors, you must contact various construction partners with your questions. That is not a problem in itself, until something goes wrong. Then you have to look for the person responsible… and that is not always easy. With a key-to-door company, you have the advantage of clarity in that regard. You can contact one fixed point of contact, the project manager, with all your questions. And if something goes wrong, the construction company bears full responsibility. As a builder, you always sleep on two ears.

5. Legal protection

If you have your house built by one general contractor (turnkey) or if you buy a house or apartment on plan, you are protected by the Breyne Act. This 1971 housing law imposes specific obligations on the construction company. Accurate construction plans and specifications must be appended to the agreement. The total price, the method of payment and the execution time are also contractually determined. In addition, the construction company is bound to deliver the house in two installments (provisional and final delivery).

Are there also disadvantages?

Is turnkey building always the best choice? It depends on what you expect. These are the most important questions to ask yourself in advance.

Do you want the cheapest solution?

If you mainly want to build cheaply, you better work with an architect and your own contractor. Note: you have to coordinate the works yourself and have less certainty about the total cost.

Do you want to work with your own architect?

It is a misunderstanding that you cannot work with your own architect at a door-to-door company. But that is not possible with every construction company. If this is important to you, look for a contractor who is open to that.

Do you want maximum freedom in finish?

Some turnkey companies impose certain restrictions on the choice of materials. For example because they work with regular suppliers for floor and wall finishing. This is to your advantage because you also benefit from lower prices, but on the other hand you have a little less freedom of choice.

Are you satisfied with the standard offer?

Take a good look at the standard facilities for techniques, such as plumbing and electricity. These are sometimes a bit more limited, so you have to pay for any adjustments.

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