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Top tech-friendly cities in Florida

Top tech-friendly cities in Florida

Technology is changing the world. This fact has never been more clear than in 2020 when Covid-19 hit. The economy and many companies suffered the lockdowns but tech kept us going. The need and the level of technological development allowed us to continue working, connecting, and living in the new conditions. Note that many companies flourished due to these changes. Many of them also put themselves on the map. And while it was no secret, Florida's tech scene also grew. Today it is clear that some of the best high-tech companies come from Florida. It also seems that the top tech-friendly cities in Florida are making an impact on the industry.

Tech industry and Florida

Florida has put itself on the map as a technologically very forward state. Silicone Valley, San Francisco, and California are slowly losing their technological monopoly. At the same time, Florida managed to draw in many of the high-tech companies that are making a difference today. Research shows that the main cities in Florida are becoming technological hubs. They influence the industry, impact the economy and create high-tech job markets. They are a new destination for a highly educated and tech-oriented workforce finding a new home and business opportunities in many Florida cities.

Florida is slowly becoming a leader in the high tech industry

First and foremost tech companies that are creating this job market are moving to Florida. They are also creating a market for relocation services. The commercial moving service industry is expanding and developing due to this shift. Many Florida companies are gaining experience in commercial moving and can execute the relocation in no time. They are even expanding their reach to handle both long-distance and local moves of tech companies.

Florida tech prospects

The technological development of Florida is evident. Research shows that of the top 10 tech-friendly cities at least 2 are located in Florida. Tampa and Miami are heading up the list but they are not the only ones. Many technology companies are moving to Florida to find a quality, educated workforce and good business conditions. Also, they are making changes to the education processes. In this way, Florida is making an impact on the tech market and may lead the development after Covid-19 Pandemics. High-tech companies may hold the key to economic recovery after the pandemic with Florida playing its part.

The presence of a large tech market is making a difference to the global economy. The influx of a highly educated workforce with high-salary jobs is making a positive impact. The real estate market is booming. residential real estate is increasing value. The service and retail economy are also booming. This is why technology can lead to a faster recovery after the pandemic. With its technological outlook, it is clear that Top tech-friendly cities in Florida will play an important role in this aspect.

Top tech-friendly cities

Florida is developing technologically. Large high-tech companies are relocating here making many of Florida cities great technological hubs. They are leading the change in the economy and technology in every aspect. Leading Florida cities in this respect are:

- Tampa

- Miami

- Jacksonville

- St. Petersburg

- St. Augustine and

- Winter Springs


Tampa is identified as a top tech-related market in Florida due to its high rate of development. It offers more than 50.000 jobs in technological industries and it leads the trend in Florida. Over 50 IT companies in Tampa are offering more than 25% of tech-related positions in Florida. 

Tampa is the leader in tech industries in Florida

Tampa is experiencing continual growth in tech jobs and the supply of a well-educated workforce. This is leading to an increase in population welfare and spending. This trend is developing the reals estate market, commercial leasing, and apartment renting market. High tech companies are moving here due to the lower cost of operating and the more affordable living conditions.


The city of Jacksonville is experiencing growth in the data center branch of the business. Over 72% of the increase in employment is caused by the tech sector. Programming, system design, and computer facilities are also attracting professionals. Jacksonville is becoming a magnet. Its high-tech job market is developing and many professionals are moving here.


Miami has a great and well-educated workforce. Its tech market is impressive drawing in many tech professionals. Salaries in this sector are on the rise. This and the famous beaches are the main motives for moving here. However, Miami is still not the leader in this technological sense. 

Today Miami can offer much more than just beaches, ocean, and relaxation

Cybersecurity and Healthcare tech is thriving in Miami. Today it is the startup capital of the US. It is a city of opportunity for many tech-related companies that are leading their tech transformation.

St. Petersburg

As one of the most affordable cities, St. Petersburg is differentiating itself. The tech market is strong here. Moving for a tech job will allow you to earn a high salary and not spend too much. The cost of living is low and the technical outlook is great. With this reputation, the city is drawing in a lot of IT professionals and companies from the sector.

St. Augustine

St Augustine is a small community perfect for families. The city has a long history and heritage and seems to be frozen in time. Technological markets and jobs are developing fast in the city. Many professional families are moving here searching for homes and adequate working conditions. The average income is high due to the high salaries in the IT sector.

Winter Springs

Real estate in Winter Springs is affordable for rent and purchase. It is a very affordable town drawing in families. Moving here for a tech-related job is appealing. The low cost of living combined with high IT salaries makes it a great place to settle down with your families. This is why the city is developing and growing.

Behind the small-town façade, St. Augustin is becoming a tech hub

A few final notes

So, moving to Florida for a career in IT is perfect. Florida has much to offer in terms of weather, beaches, ocean, rest, and relaxation. Also, it turns out that the top tech-friendly cities in Florida are very affordable, peaceful, and quiet. Finding a job in IT here is easy and finding a perfect place for a home is not difficult. With this in mind, it is clear why it is drawing IT professionals in. Just take a little time to find the city that will satisfy most of your needs.



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