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Types of distribution transformers

Types of distribution transformers

A distribution transformer is understood to be all those transformers whose power is 500 KVA or less and their voltages are 23,000 V or less.

This class of distribution transformers are often used for the electrical supply of apartment blocks, warehouses, shopping centers and rural areas.

To choose properly, you must know well the electrical consumption that will be had and the characteristics of the medium voltage network to which it will be connected.

Types of transformers and electrical substations

Conventional pole

They have a core and coils housed inside the oil-filled tank, which are interconnected to the outside by means of their low and medium voltage insulators. This set allows the transformation of energy according to the customer's requirement. These transformers can be three-phase, two-phase or single-phase, depending on the requirement and availability of networks in the installation sector.

The power of the transformer will depend on the consumption required, which as a limit can be 75 kVA on one pole and 500 kVA on two poles on a platform. This will depend on the current regulations of each electricity company and the weights that can support the installation.

Self-protected (DAE)

These transformers are usually single-phase or two-phase, with powers of up to 25 kVA and voltages of up to 23 KV. And its main characteristic is that it has special isolators equipped with protection fuses, replacing the single-phase disconnectors that are usually placed on crossheads.

Additionally, a protection box can be incorporated into the LV with a general switch and switches for each circuit, this at the request of the client allowing to optimize space and also greater security.

Unit substations

These surface electric unit substations reach powers of up to 10,000kVA and 36 kV, are self-cooled by immersion in mineral oil, vegetable oil or silicone and can be three-phase or single-phase

Composed of a LV cell (control, measurement, protection and force), transformer and MV cell (disconnector under load) and mounted on a common base, these unit substations are specially designed for robust work, outdoors and have an operating amplitude of up to 5,500 masl

Pad Mounted

These Pad Mounted surface substations are suitable for the elements, are self-cooled, submerged in mineral oil, Vegetable or silicone.

In addition to this, its efficiency and safety are proven in different types of places such as industrial plants, shopping centers, hospitals, real estate projects, etc.

All of them are designed for robust work, contaminated areas and support operating altitude up to 5,500 meters above sea level.

BT cell: It has a magnetic level tap changer, thermometer, BT terminals and it can be incorporated with a switch or selectors as desired by the customer. MV cubicle: It has Bayonet or Cannister type fuse holders, as well as inserts for elbow connectors and ground bar.

Dry transformers

The peculiarity of dry transformers is that they have different combinable characteristics. Thus, they can withstand voltages from 100 V to 33 kV and are thermal class F or H.

In addition to this, they are designed to carry out work in contaminated areas, robust work, operating altitude up to 5,500 meters above sea level and can be three-phase or single-phase.

Reliability of our transformers

Each of the transformers that are on our website have passed rigorous certification exams to verify their quality and reliability.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we work daily to achieve technological and innovative development in order to be able to offer our customers products that meet all the changing needs of the sector.

On the other hand, we are also committed to sustainability as we understand it as a commitment to the proper functioning of our industry. And it is that, every day our business market is positioned towards a waste-free market that is firmly committed to renewable energy.

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