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Do you know how the process of a tattoo works?

Do you know how the process of a tattoo works?

I recently launched into researching topics to cover, I looked for inspiration in my notes, in my conversations with my friends and in the subjects that our Instagram followers tell us… and that's when I realized that this subject - probably the most important of all - had hardly ever been discussed anywhere...

Do you know how the journey of a future tattooed person is organized?

The objective of this article is to detail the different stages and the different types of exchanges that one could have with a online tattoo design artist in order to give you all the weapons to live a badass experience.

We have listed the essential steps (obl) and those practiced only by a few tattoo artists.

1. First contact (obl)

Even without having a clear idea of the design, you can contact one or more tattoo artists if they match what you are looking for.

Contact can be made from Instagram, by email, by SMS, from the tattoo parlor's website or even directly in the shop.

Our advice is to check if you are comfortable in your exchange with the tattoo artist, if the conversation is fluid and if he or she gives you confidence.

Listen to what your instinct is telling you, it has to be right.

2. Quote request

If you have a precise idea of the drawing, or if it is a fairly simple design that does not require great technical mastery, you can request a quote from the tattoo artist. This is not binding and allows you to have an idea of the budget to be planned.

Be careful, we absolutely do not advise you to go to the cheapest, at best, you will have a clearer idea on the value for money and the honesty of the tattoo artist.

3. 1st Meeting (obl)

This is probably the most important meeting because it is during this exchange that you explain your project, what it means to you, what you are looking for, style, colors, location, etc.

It is therefore this exchange that will give rise to the design of your future tattoo!

A self-respecting tattoo artist gives you all the time you need for this 1st appointment, and if he is short on time or things are not clear enough, he can offer you a new appointment.

It is quite normal that we are not serene about our first tattoo, so do not hesitate to explain to your tattoo artist that you are stressed and that you would need to be reassured and if things are not clear. , ask that they be specified.

We don't recognize him enough, but a good tattoo artist is also a born psychologist!

The 1 st Rendezvous is also an opportunity to obtain the final price of your tattoo, a piece of advice: do not negotiate the price. A tattoo is hours of drawing, so respect the work of others, you are not dealing with carpet sellers.

4. Exchanges by email

Again, a good tattoo artist is someone with empathy, who can understand that there are things you need to clarify.

As long as it remains cordial and reasonable, email is a great way to ask for information or clarification.

Phone calls should be avoided, because you take the tattoo artist as a traitor: if he is working on other projects at the same time, he may not be attentive enough. So give your tattoo artist time to breathe to answer you and prefer the email.

Big red card for the: stalkers, the stalkers, the loafers, the oppressive and the rude!

A tattoo artist is at your service because he wishes for you and for him the best possible experience. If, out of impatience or lack of consideration, you multiply the reminders and emails, you attract your wrath ... well you will have looked for it.

5. Evolution of your drawing

If the majority of artists only present the drawing on the day of the tattoo (the 2nd appointment), some offer to show it to you, or at least a drafted version, a few days before the big day, so that you can be sure of the like.

If in doubt, ask the tattoo artist to see the design, you don't lose anything.

6. 2nd Meeting (obl)

D-day has arrived? Are you torn between limitless excitement and deep jitters? Everything is normal so far!

However, some precautions should be taken: wear a loose fitting, dark-colored outfit, consider buying post-tattooing care (ask your tattoo artist for advice), ask for the means of payment on the spot and above all confirm the final price, for not to have any bad surprises.

You know everything now!

If you still have questions about how a tattoo process works, please leave us a comment, or send us an email.

Scott Didonato

Scott Didonato

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