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About Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes

About Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes

To make or break your company’s success, you need the correct form of packaging. According to a 2020 study on brand owner packaging, around 80% of the companies and brands that were surveyed, understand the importance of packaging, while only about half, spend more on the packaging.

But, how do you know what constitutes good packaging? While for some brands, eco-friendly packaging and minimising filler materials work the best, while for others, durable packaging that can withstand rough handling works the best. For most companies, have a soft corner for the most loved, strong, corrugated box.

Standard corrugated boxes can handle a lot of wear and tear. But double walled boxes add an additional layer of cushioning, that provides better protection to the contents inside.

What Is A Double Wall Box?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of walls, single or double. And each wall consists of an inner and an outer layer. Double wall boxes are the ones in which there are two walls separating by a linerboard, which means there are five layers of protective layers that keep your contents safe.

How Can We Differentiate Between A Single Wall and A Double Wall Box?

Corrugated cardboard boxes consist of a base layer that is made of paper, fluted material that makes up an inner layer and a top layer which is made of paper again. While a single wall box shall have one corrugated cardboard layer, the double wall box will have two such layers.

The additional layering of a double wall box has some benefits. They are:

  • A structural integrity for a stacking that is stable.
  • An extra layer of cushioning for delicate items.
  • Better support for sharp or heavy products.
  • Additional protection from moisture, bad weather or fluctuating temperatures.

When Should One Feel the Need for Double Wall Boxes?

While single wall cardboard packaging boxes are precisely strong and good for lighter objects that do not need to be stored for a longer time, double wall boxes are required when these need to be stored for a longer period of time in transit or storage. When things get tend to go through excessive handling and tough shifting procedures and moisture levels, a double wall box is preferred over a single wall box. It is a great option to ship objects like-

  • Picture frames, furniture and interior décor pieces
  • Automobile components
  • Home-gym equipment
  • Large/sharp tools.

Why Are Double Wall Boxes Needed?

  • Double wall boxes are the ideal solution to ship and move objects where extra protection is needed.
  • Because of its double layered protection, it provides better support than single wall corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Designed from kraft paper, these gives the boxes a sturdy frame and helps to maintain its shape while in transit. You can also stack these boxes upon one another without causing any damage.
  • They are lighter in weight and cost effective in case of transportation when compared with containers like steel drums.
  • They are made to fit a variety of things. They are available in standard sizes and can be customised as well.
  • Most importantly, the double wall boxes are made with 90 per cent recycled products, that makes this an eco-friendly option.

Do They Last Longer Than Single Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Double wall cardboard boxes are no doubt stronger than the single-wall boxes and are sure to last longer than the latter. The twin corrugated layers are springy as well as durable, which ensures that the boxes are safe, including the contents inside, even if they are manhandled.

These boxes can withstand bigger knocks and dents and breaks down slower than the single wall boxes, thus proving to have a better lifespan.

How to Decide Which One Is Fit for You?

Though in most cases double wall boxes prove to be superior, single wall boxes definitely have reasons to choose.

For small products, or local movement, you can choose single wall boxes. It costs less, and produces less wastage.

Single wall cardboards take up less space.

If you are looking to buy corrugated cardboard boxes, single or double walled, you can browse through Globe Packaging. Our expert team is there to guide you too!

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