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5 Motorcycling Tips to Make You Rides Faster and Smoother

5 Motorcycling Tips to Make You Rides Faster and Smoother

Motorcycles from every corner of the world give an exquisite sensation of freedom and excitement. Everyone loves to go fast but going fast does not always mean a better riding experience.

There are multiple factors associated with riding a motorcycle that one needs to take in consideration for a better experience. This is what distinguishes a novice rider from an experienced one. A clear motorway always inspires people to utilize their skills. However, a smoother and faster ride helps it transform into a memorable experience. So, here are some tips from seasonal riders that not only enhanced the speed of the motorcycle but also made the ride smoother.

Train and Understand Your Motorcycle

Everyone loves their motorcycle, but not a lot of them actually know how to ride it. Taming the beast requires understanding its intricacies first. Thus, understanding the motorcycle is essential for anyone who owns one. From throttling to rev limits, a rider needs to feel their ride.

Practicing on the motorcycle enables you to learn about the machine and how it works. There are limits to everything. If you stay aware of those limitations, you will start learning new skills every day and improve the speed without harming the engine.

Putting in the effort, going that extra mile will enable you to learn riding skills. Learn one skill at a time and practice it till you master it.

Learn the Right Braking Techniques

Putting in shackles on a horse is difficult but braking in motorcycles is not very complicated. There are two wheels and two brakes, it is as simple as that. Despite that, it is not really a skill that everyone has mastered.

Zooming past the car and stomping on the brake levers are not the way to ride a motorcycle. It neither makes you a good rider nor does it make your experience a smoother one.

For example, at a speedway of Whittier, Suzuki Hayabusa goes 120 miles per hour and brakes frequently but a Harley goes maintaining 90 miles per hour. It will make him reach the destination slower than the Harley.

There are multiple techniques of braking. Most of the novice riders try to stop their motorcycle with brake levers. However, there are advanced riders who have mastered the skill of engine braking. You just need to lower the gear, close the throttle and keep the clutch engaged.

It is a great way to decrease speed instead of burning those brake-pads. If you still insist on braking on the levers, try the 70-30 rule. Apply 70% of the brake force on front brakes and rest 30% on the rear. Practice at a safer place with all riding gears and take the first step towards smooth riding.

Master the Cornering Techniques

While going on those curves of winding roads, entering the corner and exiting from the same can be tricky. Novice riders might even find it difficult to ensure a safe entry and exit. Thus, it is important to know how to approach a corner. Different riders follow different rules, but there are some fundamental laws.

Step 1 - Enter the corner from a wide path.

Step 3 - Lean to the apex and exit wide. It helps to increase the speed, as it helps to maintain a straighter line.

Step 3 - Trail braking is essential for smooth cornering. After entering into a corner, try to apply brakes, a little late and gradually release while throttling.

Clutchless Upshifts

A typical rider uses the clutch to shift between the gears, which leads to the slowing down of the motorcycle. So, if you are accelerating and looking to upshift, try doing it without using the clutch.

During the upshifts, a motorcycle tends to have enough revolutions per minute (RPM) to facilitate the clutchless upshifts. Be it a Ducati or a Whittier’s Suzuki Hayabusa, there is nothing to worry about the method. It will reduce your shifting times and make your go faster.

Opting for Performance Upgrades

The performance of any motorcycle depends on its parts. For any enthusiast rider, upgrading the stock motorcycle becomes important to extract some extra horsepower. Going fast depends on the riding techniques, but without the right equipment, even the fastest riders in the world will struggle.

There are numerous ways to modify but below mentioned will certainly increase the overall performance;

1. Reduce weight and use lightweight materials.

2. Choose the right tires, air filters, and other engine components.

3. Performance exhaust systems

Wrap Up

Aided by these tips, your overall riding experience will reach a new level. Performance parts are important, but riding techniques are essential too. Any skilled Californian can beat a person owning the best performing motorcycles, with just a simple Whittier’s Suzuki, in a track.

Aided by the above techniques, you are bound to improve your riding skills. The experience of going fast yet staying stable is otherworldly.

Follow the rules and stay aware of the surroundings. Learning to ride does not take much time, but mastering it and learning skills takes quite a while. So be patient, take your time and be safe.

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