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Some of the compelling reasons to choose fiber optics over any other technology

Some of the compelling reasons to choose fiber optics over any other technology

“Fiber Optics-Undoubtedly the most advanced technology”

In an era that’s largely surrounded by the digital age, enormous volumes of information are accessed, shared, and transferred within seconds to people sitting across the globe. So, you can very well imagine how technology has transformed everything to better our lives.

For your information, this data and communication are forwarded by utilizing distinct types of wires and cords. One of the well-known that you may likely be versed with is none other than fiber-optic cables. To throw more light: this technology carries information in the form of light beams through tiny glass filaments. 

That said, fiber optic cables are usually preferred when transmitting high-speed communication from one end to the other. Possessing splendid capabilities to convey long-distance information without any glitches, renowned companies like Verizon and Google-for example, back on this technology to consummately accomplish their critical tasks! What’s more, a dime a dozen you’ll come across fiber optics utilized for internet, mobile communications, and televisions.

Another attribute of a fiber optic cable is that it furnishes high bandwidth. Therefore, the users are allowed to perform the download and upload activities rather quickly.

More on Fiber Optics structure and its functioning

The innermost part of the cable is termed the core, which is captivated by another glass layer called “cladding”. The outermost layer by the name “jacket” safeguards the entire cable.

To enlighten you more on the functioning, the data is transferred in light pulses commonly known as “photons”. The refractive index of both cladding and core doesn’t match each other and thus the light passing through it bends at different angles. Additionally, this complete process of the light traversing in different parts of the cable is tagged as “total internal reflection”.

The intriguing part is; signals progress at a very high speed that can even be compared to the speed of light. But, there can be an occasional drop due to which repeaters are used to give a further boost to the dripping signals. However, the light pulses can never supersede the actual speed of light because of the rich emergence of dense glass layers.

Genus of Fiber Optics:

Fiber optics are primarily categorized into two forms: single-mode and multi-mode. Since it can provide higher bandwidths than its other counterpart, single-mode is usually utilized for transmissions that involve long distances. And because of shrink diameter, the loss of signal strength or attenuation is generally on the lower side.

However, when talking about multimode, the large opening allows more light to pass. This is rewarding especially when good volumes of data have to be sent. But, there is also a downside to it: a swell of light pulses also results in loss of signal strength and interference.

Advantages of fiber optic cable

Exceptional speeds

One of the strongest aspects of a fiber-optic cable is its splendid ability to bestow amazing speeds. Back then, a home user or an employee could expect a maximum speed somewhere ranging between 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps. Cut to today: with advancements in technology in the shape of fiber optics, you can look for 5 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. Such tremendous momentums can indisputably enhance your online experience.


When you are tuned to the Internet be it streaming a video, doing online shopping, or simply browsing, the connection necessarily has to be reliable. If in all it gets interrupted every now and then, it is enough to spoil your online experience. Fortunately, when you plow your hard-earned money in a fiber-optic network, be ready for a seamless experience that ditches any sort of inconveniences.

Signal strength

In the past when copper wires were involved, people commonly encountered a loss of signals. This could be extremely demoralizing and was enough to boil anyone.

All thanks to upgrading technologies; fiber optics doesn’t allow the signal to implement a downward curve even over long distances. Degradation in the strength is as scarce as hen’s teeth may happen.


One of the potent reasons that fiber optics is highly bragged about is its exceptional bandwidth. At one time, when the number of subscribers surpassed a particular limit, speed deterioration could be normally experienced. But, with significantly higher bandwidths, speed draining would rarely occur with fiber optics.


This term is widely used when delays transpire while processing data over an internet connection. Such issues you can readily overcome by employing fiber-optics.


The so-called hackers are always on the prowl to gain authority over networks. They get successful by tapping cables using simpler methodologies.

If you intend to safeguard your data from such hackings, it is advisable to get fiber-optics installed. The only way to get information out of these wires is by physically cutting them.

What’s the gist of the content?

The above reasons prove why it is worth spending on fibre-optic technology. 

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