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PUBG New State Pre-register in India (Android and iOS)

PUBG New State Pre-register in India (Android and iOS)

PUBG New State trailer was launched on February 25, 2021. The trailer can be seen on their official YouTube channel named "PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS". The official release date is not confirmed by this confirmed that this game will be launched in 2021.

PUBG: New State will be launched globally in 2021. Currently, PUBG: New State pre-registration is not available in India and two more countries.

PUBG: New state is developed by PUBG Studio. The preregistration for the game is open globally. PUBG: New State is offering a mythic skin of a car for every player who is doing pre-registration. You can see the reward on their official site also.

PUBG: New State

Many players are thinking that PUBG Mobile will be upgraded but they are wrong. PUBG: New State is a different new app that is based on the future.

You'll see advanced weapons and features while playing the game. PUBG said this game will be the future of gaming.

If you want to play the game or see all the future gaming features then you can download PUBG New State Beta. You can also play games on it.

New Features

There are many new features that are coming in this version. You need a high-power gaming phone to play and enjoy the game in FHD or UHD graphics. We have shortlisted the best Phones for PUBG Mobile for gamers.

All the powerful and most needed features that are coming into the game are mentioned below.

  1. High-Quality Clear Graphics
  2. Advanced guns with more power and features
  3. Advanced and very fast vehicles
  4. Clear HD voice.
  5. New Layout and layout will customize-able
  6. Advanced sensitivity settings
  7. Hacker BAN program
  8. New Map
  9. Advanced settings

PUBG New State Release Date

The game is fully ready to use and pre-registration is already started. You can pre-register if you want to get a notification after launch.

The exact date is not confirmed by PUBG officials but on their website, It was mentioned that this game will be launched or released in 2021.

This is also not confirmed that this will release or not in India. You can check their official website to get new updates.

Pre-registration in India

There are a few tricks to pre-register for the app on the Google play store. You can also pre-register to get the reward if you need it. Follow the below steps to pre-register in India.

Step 1. Go to google play store or app store.

Step 2. Search VPN and install any VPN you like. You can also use Free VPN.

Step 3. Connect the VPN (UK) and make sure your internet is on.

Step 4. After connecting VPN, go to google play store or app store and search PUBG: New State.

Step 5. Click to open the official app and click on the pre-register button. You can locate pre-register button by scrolling down the screen.

Disclaimer: I hope you like the post and learn how to pre-register in PUBG: New State in India. If you have more tricks to pre-register then you can share them through the below contact form or comment box.

If this trick is not working for you then its means you are doing any mistake. So, find the mistake to solve the problem or comment on the problem to get an answer.

Manoj Yadav

Manoj Yadav

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