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Fashion is expressing yourself physically in what you believe, what you are and what you embrace boldly and at the same time being comfortable embracing it.

Things we wear run out of trend after a while, and as mild it may sound, the fact is, after a certain amount of time, the heat and attention that one particular fashion statement gets are just overtaken by something else. That’s how the world works. Whereas sometimes, any particular style can stick around for ages, becoming timeless and thus proving the proverb, ‘style never runs out of fashion’ true.

Today we will talk about five such fashion trends that are going out of style with the rapidly ageing generation.

Below are the 5 such fashion trends that are going out of style:

Cropped Jeans

As linear as it sounds, the once-popular chunky jeans are great and comfy to wear but with the escalating shift in the fashion world, this seems a little worn out against the others.

As we are into 2020, the full fledged types of denim are back in the game and are doing justice along with the nostalgia that it brings back to the early ’90s.

Chunky Sneakers

These literally went on for a very long time. The good old retro styles along with the classic ones are finally

coming back to the trend along with the sporty casuals. Whereas the ‘dad’ sneakers are coming to an end.

Sea-shell accessories

While it may have looked cool to own and embrace several ones of these back at a time, but these trends are nowhere to be found nowadays except for some places where the culture might have adopted this as their own.

From the likes of the Caribbean, the West African countries along with several other places in Asia.

Capri Pants

When these came into the market first, people were going gaga over these, and within an instant, it was a hit. Short, fresh, comfy, casual and goes perfectly with anything in the summer.

They are still quite popular in some places and are worn by a lot many people depending on their personal preferences. These won’t just elapse with time but get a fresher and finer look and will certainly be in for a return. The design is vintage and it will always remain a classic one, close to our hearts.


As shocking as it may sound but YES, the stripes are now going on trend! For the majority of 2019, the stripes were a complete thing and were highly embraced among the masses and fashionistas. 

The artistic and textured stripes of various colours do attract a lot of attention throughout the masses. Going out of trend or whatever may it be, it is still admired and preferred by many when going out for casuals or even formals.

These are the five most fashion trends that are going out of style and time. All of the above-mentioned trends had a great run and are still loved by people all around the world.

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At the end of the day, it comes to your personal preference of what you like to represent and express yourself through. And for keeping you up with the latest trends, you can always check our thoughts of the ‘Top 10 fashion trends for 2020’ 

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