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How to Write a Resume with No Experience & Get the First Job

How to Write a Resume with No Experience & Get the First Job

-To get yourself a job, you need to have some experience; but to get some experience; you need to have a job!

After completing graduation, the real struggle begins that is the job hunt. In this highly competitive market of today’s world, it is very important to have experience in your hands to land your dream job.


For the job hunt, one has to come up with a powerful resume that is strong enough to steal the attention of the recruiting manager.

Writing a resume- the idea can be a little intimidating and stressful. This is why job seekers get frustrated about hunting for a job. Without adding the experience, the chances of landing favourite job are almost next to zero, this thought makes the job searchers go motivation less.

Well, here comes a secret. Hear me out!

To get yourself a nice job, you really don’t have to show that you have got some experience. But what you need to prove is that you have relevant experience.

This tiny detail creates a whole big difference in your resume. Also, this encourages you to get your first job with no experience written in your resume.


Writing your first ever resume is one of the major and bold steps in any new professional’s career. Resume writing is the way to showcase your qualities and achievements. Also, with the help of a professionally written CV, the chances to land your favourite job positions are higher as compared to an ordinary resume.

I agree with the fact that resume writing can be nerve-wracking when you don’t have any real-life work experience related to your desired job position.

Keep on scrolling. We will walk through the uphill road and you will be guided step by step. Jump into the study right away!

Identify your most excellent and prominent qualities:

The professional resume writers from best online cv experts uk penned in their blogs that an individual musty be vocal and loud about his skills and qualities. Make sure to identify the most prominent qualities that make you an eligible candidate for the job. Apart from the experience, focus on those qualities that are remarkable in your personality.

Open up with a personal statement:

Opening up the CV with a personal statement is a phenomenal idea and you must go with it while creating your first resume. Keep it very short and precise but amazingly catchy- 150 words are enough for this purpose. This will instantly catch the attention of the recruiting manager. Keep your tone professional as this will put you into the light without even experience!

List skills rather than the roles:

Some people make a mistake right here. They start writing about the responsibilities and duties of that prior role. However, here you have to just express yourself and your skills. Let the recruiting manager that what you have in yourself for the desired job. This will help him in shortlisting the candidate and he will trust you for your skills and commands.

Don’t leave the most in-demand skills behind:

Not talking about the most in-demand skills mainly the soft skills would lead you to rejection. So once you have talked about the skills that are related to the job, it is time to express yourself in terms of a person. Here you can talk about honesty, team management, leadership quality, polite behavior, teamwork, critical thinking, and many more.

Make your extra-curricular activities look like jobs:

If you had achieved the first position in the math competition or linguistics, talk about it in your resume. The recruiting manager always wants to hire people who are willing to take risks and ready to face challenges. Whatever your extra-curricular activities have been, make sure to speak about them. This will instantly catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Play up the degree:

Taking your degree and its requirement into the resume is absolutely fine. If you have done a dissertation or research, talk about it while expressing your research skills. Presentations are also considered as the experience for several fields. Don’t leave a blank space in your CV ever just because you are not having hands-on experience. 

Add the spark of your personality:

Talking about your personality, personal hobbies, achievements, and accomplishments can also force the recruiting manager to at least read your CV. It is simply okay that you don’t have any experience but that doesn’t mean that you can’t share about yourself! Be vocal and expressive enough!

Be honest and confident:

Honesty is the best policy and confidence is the key to success. Do not write something incorrect about yourself in the resume. Make sure that you possess all those qualities that you have written in your CV. Also, confidence is the main pillar to land your desired job. Be honest, polite, and confident whenever you are on your way to give an interview.


This definitive guide would be helping all the fresh graduates who don’t have any experience and are searching for a job. It takes good research and some smart words to capture the attention of recruiting manager so make sure to incorporate these tips smartly! This will surely help you to land your favorite job. 

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