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How to Maintain a Proper Dressing Style for High School

How to Maintain a Proper Dressing Style for High School

We all want to look good at any time. Also we want to look good when we are going to school. But we can’t go to the school after whatever we like. There is a proper way to dress up for going to school.  Always wear the right clothes which suits your school days because it has an effect on your confidence. May you want to look classy or stylish but always remember it’s your school and there is a limitation of dressing up so always wear that type of dress which makes you feel comfortable. Always take time each day before going to school and choose your clothes and prepare yourself before going to the bed. So you can wake up the next morning and find yourself almost ready for the day and feel great.

Now we discussed some methods which give you a proper look for going to school:

Method 1: advance planning

Start planning a day ago so you have enough time to prepare yourself.  In the morning just wash your face and body and leave your hair dry for saving time.

Before you go for the bed, you must plan what you are going to wear. Then choose what clothes, accessories or shoes you want to wear and also check whether those are matched with clothes or not.

Give yourself enough time to get ready. If you are always late for school then you must set an alarm and snooze it. Because the longer you stay in bed, the lower time you get. 

Method 2: try to wear simple outfits

Here are some names of simple outfits for high school students.

1. Jeans: 

Jeans are one of the most perfect school outfits that everybody can be wearing by everybody. Now in the market there are several kinds of jeans like skinny jeans, ripped jeans, high waisted jeans. First you should find what kind of jeans suits you then wear it.

2.Casual shirt with a fun skirt: 

skirt is as simple outfit for high school students as jeans. You can wear a short or long casual skirt with a simple shirt or top. And also wear a pair of casual shoes. Before choosing the skirt just be sure about the fitness, is it too short or too tight.

3.Comfortable shoes: 

always wear those shoes that give you comforts. You can wear tennis shoes, flats, or boots. You can also wear black and brown shoes which always match with your outfit. Don’t wear high heels for school. If you have any special school accusations, you can wear heels. It’s completely your choice

4.Accessories and makeup: 

you can also make your simple and casual outfits more attractive by adding some jewelry like earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring. But don’t wear heavy jewelry because it does not suit your school look. And of course you can do make up but not very much.


Method 3:Choosing proper clothes

1.Follow the dress code:  

Each school has different rules that give an outline that you are allowed to wear. So before you wear anything check your school’s rules and regulation then wear.

2.Always dress simply or casually: 

before you wear anything just remember that is a school not a party so you did not wear that type of dress which you wear on your best friend’s birthday party. It is better for you if you dress comfortably.

3.Be sure your clothes fit well:  

everybody wants attention for their clothes but it should be positive. Suppose you get attention for your tight pants or ultra low shirt, so it becomes a negative attention that’s why be sure about your proper size clothes. Nobody wants to find themselves getting in trouble for their inappropriate outfits.


 School has a professional ambiance so you must dress the part. Before going to school, you must check your outfit.  In this covid situation, wear a mask and maintain physical distance. And be casual and simple before going to school.

Wasim Reja

Wasim Reja

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